Comparing Mariners radio call to Astros


While Houston is still buzzing over Yordan Alvarez’s home run that walked off the Mariners in Game 1 of the American League Division Series on Tuesday, the mood isn’t nearly so sweet 2,300 miles away in the Pacific Northwest. The difference in feelings is evident in the contrast of the radio calls between the Mariners and Astros’ broadcasts.

On the Astros call, Robert Ford was pure jubilation as Alvarez rocketed Robbie Ray’s sinker to the second deck in right field, yelling, “Kiss it goodbye! Unbelievable!,” while his partner Steve Sparks really went for the jugular with, “The house of horrors for the Seattle Mariners continues.”

There was no such yelling on the Seattle broadcast, although credit to Rick Rizz, who has been the voice of the Mariners for 37 seasons, for keeping it professional and giving Alvarez’s moment a pretty straightforward call.

“Swing and a fly ball deep to right field, going and going and goodbye baseball,” Rizz said as the ball exited the field at 117 mph.

Mariners’ color commentator Mike Blowers summed up the emotion of the moment from the visitors’ side, saying, “I can’t think of a tougher way to lose the first game of this series. As you mentioned Rick, they had the lead in this throughout, but they just couldn’t get it done here in the end against one of the best hitters in the American League. They’re going to need a day off to get past this one right here.”

The Mariners radio team handled that like pros since it would have been easy to replicate a Texas high school football broadcast classic and go with, “I wanna throw up.” And, let’s be honest, most of us were expecting it to be more like this.

After the day off for both teams to settle their emotions — both positive and negative — the series resumes with Game 2 at 2:37 pm Thursday at Minute Maid Park.


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