Cardinals-Seahawks will have a later start time in Week 6 if the Mariners force a Game 4 in the MLB playoffs


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The start time for the Seattle Seahawks’ Week 6 home game against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday could be moved, and it all depends on the MLB playoffs, specifically the Houston Astros vs. Seattle Mariners.

The Astros lead the best-of-five ALDS 1-0, but if the series ends up needing four games, the NFL will move the Cardinals-Seahawks kickoff back. If the Mariners win either Thursday (Game 2) or Saturday (Game 3), it would force a Game 4.

If necessary, Game 4 will be in Seattle at the Mariners’ T-Mobile Park at 2:07 pm local time — 5:07 pm ET — on Sunday.

The Cardinals-Seahawks game is scheduled for 1:05 pm PT — 4:05 pm ET — at the Seahawks’ Lunen Field, but if the Mariners force a Game 4, the NFL matchup will be moved to 2:30 pm local time — 5:30 pm ET.

With the games both taking place in close proximity in Seattle, the league is looking to create a buffer if needed.

T-Mobile Park and Lunen Field are neighbors, just 0.5 miles from each other, less than a five minute drive when there are no games. Two games on the same street at the same time could cause traffic issues.


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