AFE requests the Supreme Council of Sports to file a disciplinary file against Rubiales

After the arrival of the controversial acoustics to the judicial field With the opening of the procedures of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. The president of the Spanish Footballers Federation (AFE), David Aganzo, asked the Supreme Council for Sport (CSD) Opening a disciplinary file The president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, and that He was fired from his job as a backup. The complaint requests the initiation of a file to clear the responsibilities referred to within the framework of the violation stipulated in Article 76.2 d) of the Sports Act of 1990 and to remove them from their federal jobs in a precautionary manner in implementation of Article 43 c. ) of the same thing.

Also, due to the seriousness of the facts, the power provided for in Article 43 c) of the Code is used that gives the power to “caused suspension, in a precautionary and temporary manner, the President of the Russian Football Federation” as a result of the alleged Violations or offenses that are very serious and subject to penalties, as described in Article 76. 2 d) of the Standard. The union letter, as confirmed by the EFE, notes that the DPA opened a sanctioning proceeding against the RFEF in July 2021, after the AFE complained for making some audio recordings about a meeting with David Aganzo without permission.

The said file was closed with a penalty of €200,000 for violating the General Data Protection Regulation “with damage to the funds of the Russian Football Federation”, and “a statement that Compete with the strict freedom of the union representativeIt also refers to the information published by El Confidencial on the 17th of the month, about the detective agency’s follow-up operations on David Aganzo, presumably commissioned by the RFEF.

For AFE, “These facts show that Desire to intervene in administration and management An independent union entity subject to the Freedom of Association Act and whose rights are violated by actions such as those described.” AFE Harassment Policy derived from the RFEF and some of its directors or employees which affect the personal privacy of AFE leaders and the trade union rights corresponding to them in such a situation.”

The AFE argues that the RFEF receives public funds or has its origin in the coercive power of the state, as is the case for funds it receives from Quinielas (0.5) defined by Royal Decree-Law 5/2015 to market the Rights to exploit audiovisual content of professional football, with 0.5 for amateur football and the corresponding amounts for non-professional football and women’s football. Considering the sports organization as a delegated authority also leads to the consideration that sports licensure starts from the same general consideration and that the disciplinary function is also a public one.

RFEF actions in relation to the association may include a violation of the provisions of Section 76.2d) of the Sports Act 1990, regarding Improper use of subsidies, credits, guarantees and other state aidfrom its independent bodies or otherwise granted to the general budgets of the state”. If it turns out that there have been payments of sums for a purpose unrelated to the concerned federation or with its institutional purpose, there may be, in accordance with the AFE, a violation of the same Article in connection with the improper use of private funds or granted in another way from the state’s general budgets.

“The facts referred to may have a place within the framework of the violation of the money laundering law, which, without prejudice to other final responsibilities, it is necessary to The subject of this complaint is being investigated”, adds the AFE letter. On April 22, El Confidencial newspaper published an audio recording in which Barcelona player Gerard Pique asked Sergio Ramos, when he was captain of Real Madrid, to support Luis Rubiales and dismiss David Aganzo from the presidency of the AFE. .

Aganzo agreed to the presidency of the union in November 2017, when Luis Rubiales left it to choose the presidency of the Russian Football Association, and was re-elected president of the union in April 2021. He then received 3,079 votes, compared to 1,808 votes he achieved. Alternative nomination headed by Gaizka Toquero and made up of the people who made up the Rubiales management team, who headed the AFE from 2010 to 2017. Aganzo is a member of the CSD Board of Directors and on November 16 he was elected President of the International Trade Federation FIFPro During the General Assembly held in Paris.

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