Woman’s Response to Boyfriend Inviting 2 Friends on Their Vacation Backed


A woman’s decision to drive off from her boyfriend instead of picking him up for a vacation together has been applauded online, after two of his friends tagged along without warning.

The 30-year-old woman took to the popular subreddit “Am I The A**hole” to share her dilemma, gaining over 13,000 votes on the post. She explained that her boyfriend had previously asked to bring his two friends along on their road trip, but that he had accepted “no” as an answer.

When it comes to vacations, arguments among couples are rife. In fact, one 2016 study revealed that one in 10 couples will split up on a vacation. Around four in 10 couples will argue with each other at least once a day while on a trip and a quarter will have an argument within the first 12 hours.

For this couple however, the arguments started before they could even set off for the trip.

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“We agreed that I’d come pick him up in the morning so we could go. I came in my car and entered his neighborhood. However, when I saw him standing outside with his bag AND his two friends were also standing there with their bags, I was shocked and furious. I didn’t pull over, I just turned around and kept driving and went back home. I saw him running after me in the rearview mirror. He then stopped and started calling me. I did not respond. until I got home,” wrote the girlfriend.

She continued, noting that: “He lashed out at me on the phone asking why the hell I turned around and left. I told him why and how I didn’t appreciate how he basically tried to force me to take his friends with us after I said ‘no’ already. He called me awful and said that I ruined the entire thing for us and acted immaturely and spitefully. He said I could’ve just accepted it how it is but I told him that I would never accept being put in a situation where I’m expected to just ‘suck it up.’ He hung up after yelling at me for a few minutes.”

Reddit users unanimously agreed on one thing: the girlfriend was not in the wrong. In fact, some users even encouraged her to break up with her boyfriend of eight months over the debacle.

“You made the right call,” assured one user. “Don’t apologize and don’t ever accept entitled manipulation like that from anyone. He’s 39 and expected you to pay not only for him but his broke friends on a trip?”

Another agreed, noting: “A huge not the a**hole. He was basically going to try and force your hand and I am really glad you didn’t play that game.

“Now honest question time—is this sort of blatant disregard for your wishes and emotions really what you want in a relationship? Because no matter how great things may seem, this is who he really is—someone who is more concerned with getting what he wants than your feelings on the matter.”

“This level of entitlement and manipulation is insane,” added a user. “Did he really expect you to just suck it up?”

In an update comment, the woman shared that she has stopped calling her boyfriend and is currently “reconsidering the relationship.”

Newsweek has contacted u/throwawayp5345 for comment but was unable to verify the details of the case.


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