Woman Kicking Out Brother’s Girlfriend and Kid for Lack of ‘Respect’ Backed


A woman has been backed for kicking her brother’s girlfriend and child out of her house during Sunday dinner.

A now-viral Reddit post detailing what happened and shared to the subreddit “Am I the A**hole?” has received more than 5,700 upvotes since being posted on September 26.

The 31-year-old woman, posting as u/DinnerDisasters, states she has a “great relationship” with her family and they enjoy dinner together most Sundays.

On September 25, it was the original poster’s turn to host at her home. She cooked a roast chicken with all the trimmings for her parents, her mom’s best friend, her husband, and her 27-year-old brother.

Woman leaving with kid
This stock image shows a woman and child walking out of a house. A sister has been backed online for asking her brother’s girlfriend and kid to leave her house.
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But an hour ahead of arriving, her brother texted to say his 32-year-old girlfriend and her nine-year-old daughter would be coming too.

She explains: “It wasn’t a huge deal but a little more notice would have been appreciated. His girlfriend and her kid are ‘vegetarian.’ I set two more places at the table and figured with all the sides there was enough they could eat.

“I’ll be honest, we don’t really care for his girlfriend but my family has a rule you don’t mess with other people’s relationships, my brother is an adult. Becky just seems very opportunistic and her kid is very weird. “

“They’ve been together eight months and have broken up twice and after six, she asked if she could move into his place because it’s in a better school district than her apartment.”

The original poster says that dinner “hit the fan” from the moment they sat down as Becky’s daughter asked where her imaginary friend “April” could sit.

She says: “She starts shrieking that April needs to eat and having a tantrum. My mom tried to calm things down suggesting she share her place and seat which she refuses, demanding a chair and plate. Her mom tells me to just set a spot My dining room table has eight chairs all in use.”

The kid got louder and started “tossing” herself to the ground.

“I get flustered and tell her to please get her to stop. Becky then goes on the attack calling me rude and heartless for not giving in to her kid. She also says that she knows I ‘hate’ kids and that’s why we don’ t have any. We are childfree but I like my friends’ kids, not brats.”

The argument then escalated as Becky called u/DinnerDisasters “rude” for not offering a vegetarian-friendly main and putting bacon in the Brussels sprouts.

“I snapped back I didn’t know they were coming and I wasn’t the one who invited her. So she’s screaming at me in my home, the kid is flailing on the ground crying and I had enough. I told her if she couldn’t respect me in my home then she should leave. She screams at my brother to get up they’re leaving and he informs her he is staying.”

The original poster describes everyone as “shocked” including her brother.

“She’s now slamming me and my family on social media and accusing us of trying to break them up,” says u/DinnerDisasters.

PairedLifean online magazine with relationship advice, has revealed what you should do if your family dislikes your partner.

  • Don’t Force Togetherness– One should not invite their spouse to family gatherings unless differences have been discussed.
  • Recruit Less Biased Family Members—If you insist on taking your partner to a family outing; make sure that there is at least one person there who will talk to him or her.
  • Consider That Your Family May Have a Point—Always consider your family may just be looking out for you. This doesn’t mean you should break up with your partner, but it does mean that they might be seeing something in the relationship that you don’t.

Reddit users have flocked to the post, with the top comment receiving over 9,300 upvotes. It says: “Not the a**hole. And good on your brother for his wise decision. I’m glad he’s not enabling her. Be a good listener for him because I suspect his relationship is over and he’ll need someone. “

Another writes: “I know the rule in your family is not to interfere in relationships, but few rules are absolute or have no exceptions. I think it’s time to sit down with your brother and talk to him about his relationship.

“Do your best not to come off as being against her, but as being concerned for him. Every problem with her, you need to make it about him. Stuff you don’t like personally about her, never bring up. Maybe just offer to listen and then offer advice but don’t give it if he refuses it.”

“Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see what’s really going on. Sometimes it takes a real public incident that can’t be sanely denied, like this, to make people open to talking about things. Just be sure to be there for your brother and make sure he knows that’s why you are there.”

Newsweek reached out to u/DinnerDisasters for comment. We could not verify the details of the story.

Have you noticed any red flags that made you end a relationship? Let us know via life@newsweek.com. We can ask experts for advice, and your story could be featured on Newsweek.


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