What is the 30 day Intimacy Challenge?


You’ve probably seen the 30-day Intimacy Challenge floating around on TikTok. Why? Well, in recent months it’s become a popular experiment for people to undergo with their partners… and for good reason.

Keep it Cleaner founder, Steph Claire Smith, helped to popularize the trend, after she admitted she was trying it with her husband Josh Miller.

Smith made it clear that while it can be a fun challenge, it’s definitely not for everyone.

The process can be exhausting, frustrating – even monotonous on some days – and according to one expert, it can make or break a relationship.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the 30-day Intimacy Challenge, and why you should (or shouldn’t) try it with your partner.

What is the 30-day Intimacy Challenge?

The 30-day Intimacy Challenge sprouted up on #relationship TikTok and has since gone viral. The challenge, in short, requires couples to participate in doing something ‘intimate’ every single day for 30 days straight.

Don’t worry, that rule doesn’t necessarily mean sex every day. What it could mean though, is that for 30 days, couples could choose to participate in either intimate massages, kissing, emotional bonding or sex.

And just to be clear, the trend doesn’t have any set rules about how one should establish intimacy with your partner. Couples can do whatever they are comfortable with.

“The way we’ve defined it … is further than kissing but it doesn’t necessarily have to be all the way to sex — if you can read between the lines — because that’s a lot,” said Smith, while explaining the challenge on a recent KICPOD podcast episode.

“We are tired and there are dry spells and everything like that but whenever we are intimate, it just makes everything else better.”


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