Sometimes The Person You Call Your ‘Best Friend’ Isn’t Really The Best


By Emma Spear

Growing up, I was that girl who always had to have a best friend. I took the term seriously and took it to heart.

If I saw you as my best friend, that meant I had to be your best friend and no one else could have that title in your life. Looking back, I realize how ridiculous this sounds. But at the time, the term “best friend” was important to me.

Now that I’m older and I understand what it means to have multiple best friends, do I have a friend that I might turn to more than the others?

Sure, but regardless, best friends are ultimately the people you turn to when life gets rough. And you’re there for them when you need them and vice versa.

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However, as time has gone on, I’ve learned that “best” is a pretty strong word to use at times. And just because we think someone might be the best, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are.

Labeling someone the best doesn’t mean they don’t mess up.

I’ve unfortunately had a hard time keeping friends in my life. And I’ve had people in my life I referred to as my best friend not show up at the times I needed them the most.

Labeling someone the best doesn’t mean they can’t be toxic.



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