Should I Call My Ex? An Expert Explains 10 Reasons Not To | Elizabeth Stone


We’ve all had our hearts broken by someone who decided they wanted to deal with serious personal problems alone. Unfortunately, when they said “alone,” they meant they wanted no more relationship or contact with you at all.

At the time, you may have told them you would be there for them no matter what, but doing so didn’t include trying in any way, shape, or form to stay in touch. It hurts, and you hated losing them, but in the end, you had to accept their decision.

Should I call my ex?

Plain and simple, the answer is: no. There is (almost) never a good reason to reach out to your ex, whether it’s because you miss them, you’ve had a few too many, you found one of their white tees (of which they have about 30 more in his dresser at home) and you’re worried they’ll desperately miss it, or you want to “check up on them.”

You have to remember that they broke up with you and if they haven’t called you for that tee shirt, they don’t miss it. They’re doing just fine, and you’re only trying to do yourself a favor that’ll make yourself feel better — no them.

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If they want to talk to you, they know where to find you. And they haven’t contacted you, so that means you shouldn’t talk to them, right?



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