Qatar’s emir defends visit to Spain will strengthen ties

The Prince the taste Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani On Tuesday, he stressed that his country and Spain “have a lot in common” and that he is convinced that his state visit will strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

This was announced at a brief joint session of the Spanish Courts held in the Senate, where the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Ander Gil, and the Speaker of the Senate, Mérichel Paté, imposed Medals of Honor from both Houses.

His Majesty the King thanked this gesture and the welcome he received and stressed that Qatar and Spain have “historic relations”, as this year it celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

“This visit It comes to strengthen these relations in all areaswhether at the institutional, governmental or parliamentary level but also at the grassroots level,” he emphasized during the presentation in the Old Senate Session Hall.

“We look forward to friendly relations between Qatar and Spain, Two countries that have a lot in common, especially many common values,” he added, as the only public words will be during his stay, as he plans to meet with King Felipe VI and also with Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

bilateral relations

For his part, Ander Gil confirmed that in half a century ago “Bilateral relations and cooperation have not ceased to strengthen”first after the arrival of democracy in Spain and then with the opening of two embassies between 2003 and 2004.

“We have evolved and improved over these decades.”, he defended the speaker of the Senate, who also noted that the two countries have witnessed “significant modernizations” and are now both immersed in new plans in this regard, in the case of the Gulf state with the Qatar 2030 initiative. And in the case of Spain with the 2030 plan.

both countries “We think about the future of well-being, sustainability and happiness for our citizens”Gilles asserted, but to do so “we must deepen the economic and social transformations that we have already promoted and are thinking about in terms of modernization, commercial and cultural cooperation, and the diversification of our markets.”

“We trust to further strengthen the relationships,” He concluded his speech by expressing his confidence that in the areas in which the two countries cooperate, they will cooperate “out of trust and mutual respect”.

Madrid key

Received the prince this Tuesday The golden key of the city of Madrid from the hand of the mayor of MadridJose Luis Martinez Almeida, who thanked him for the distinction, which he described as “another example of the deep and solid relations” between the two countries.

“Thank you very much for this kind welcome, His Excellency the Mayor. I am pleased to be here in our meeting between Doha and Madrid in the framework of cooperation between the capitals.”may move when you pick up the key.

This distinction was delivered in the old Plenary Hall on the Plaza de la Villa. Until then, the presiding officer of the plenary, Borja Fanjul; PP spokeswoman, Andrea Levy; International Relations Delegate Santiago Saura; Socialist spokeswoman, Mar Espinar, and advisers Pilar Sanchez (Mas Madrid) and Pedro Fernandez, of Fox. The mayors of Recupera Madrid did not attend, claiming that Qatar was a “human rights violator”.

Martinez Almeida praised “the example that the history of his country gives to the world” because “since the seventies of the last century, the peninsula in which his principality is located has undergone an extraordinary transformation, an unparalleled success story.” “Where before the silent and clean sands of the Arabian desert reigned, today stands the stunning Doha, which attracts eyes from all over the world with its futuristic skyscrapers,” highlighted.

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In the same way, he highlighted “the enviable natural resources of his country; but it was vision and determination, not chance, that made his nation one of the richest in the world today.” Almeida indicated that the Prince’s visit to Spain He added, “One of its main goals is to present the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Spain, the first to be held in the Middle East and the first in winter.” He explained that “Spain realizes the importance of organizing sporting events at this level for the economic formation of the state and how it contributes decisively to its international projection.”

Madrid It is currently the World Capital of Sports 2022 “We in this city fully understand the ambition to host major international sporting events,” he noted.

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