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Pidad Cordoba was one of the most controversial political leaders in the country’s history. She was kidnapped by Carlos Castaño and she survived. She was removed by the attorney general’s office as a senator, but her rights were restored and she was just elected senator by the historic charter. She was an active member of Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign and the same candidate dismissed her from her activism. She managed to free the hostages by the FARC, but the hostages accused her of seeking political advantages through her humanitarian work. In a dialogue with EL TIEMPO, she responds to all complaints made against her.

How close are you to FARC? that was?

I have an affinity and have always been at peace. In this context, I was summoned as a mediator authorized by the Uribe government to build a humanitarian agreement between the two parties and direct the country to a process of dialogue, until Santos and Tymoshenko decided to exclude me without informing me.

What are your current relations with FARC defectors?

Nothing, and I don’t care to get it. I miss your question.

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To what do you attribute that Gustavo Petro today has doubts about you and your actions?

Gustavo did not tell me that he doubted me, just as I do not doubt him, in spite of the filthy campaign against the historical charter. I understand that he was pressured to withdraw from the presidential campaign, a decision I accepted in my public response, and I understand the situation. There is no conviction against me and because I am innocent I am confident that I will win the legal war against me. The charges are only part of the legal and political war against the possibility of an alternative government. Today I not only understand, but also appreciate, Gustavo’s decision, because it allows me to reveal a torrent of attacks that have conspired against me, against my relatives, and against the candidacy for the presidency. I am taking the time to organize my request for an extension of the precautionary measures before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, due to the apparent violation of my rights.

Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt has publicly accused you of being a kidnapping agent…

No one in this country dared do what I did until the FARC liberated Ingrid and everything for peace. Without asking or getting anything in return. There is no evidence to support the accusation made by candidate Betancourt.

But it insisted on its relations with the FARC…

About this candidate I will present the relevant legal proceedings next week. Since I’m also a kidnapping victim, I understand the embarrassment Ingrid can go through. I was with her mother, Yolanda Polisio, and then-husband, Juan Carlos Lecombet, taking national and international legal steps to allow her release. They can vouch for what I say.

But Andres Vázquez Moreno, who was your advisor, denounced before the Prosecutor’s Office, surely, in the FARC, you were known as “Theodora” …

This is a lie. This psychopathic account was told by Vasquez before Colonel Lumpana in proceedings with the Miami Supreme Court. Aside from his story, Vasquez has not provided any evidence to support it. Regarding Vásquez, my agent, Dr. Eduardo Montelegri, will bring legal action in the case.

Why then check with the Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court has filed a case against me for 14 years, and the preliminary investigation has not yet been closed, that is, they have not even brought charges against me for a crime because they have not found anything.

The court is also investigating its movement of large sums of money from Venezuela and the political use of its role as mediator for the release of the hostages. Why did you say last week that you were not investigated?

Not the Supreme Court “La Caladeta”. I have an initial query from 14 years ago. It is not an official process yet. Although they were called to testify against me against political enemies, former heads of state and candidates in the middle of the campaign, they have not yet obtained convincing evidence of the false accusations against me and for this reason they have not been able to do so. He accused me of any crime. And that the investigation is being run by Colonel Lumpana, a judge known as “La Caladeta”, who was associated with the law firm of Granados, an attorney who has faced my interests on multiple occasions.

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But the Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating you and eleven of your relatives on charges of illegally collecting money…

It was opened this year with certified copies of this Colonel-judge, but it had no further development on account of the absurdity of the charges: a huge and habitual collection of money, as if I had set up in the midst of my objections and scrutiny. DMG type pyramid. She explained that she is not investigating 11 relatives, but rather all of them, including the dead.

But you confirmed that the attorney general’s office said it wasn’t investigating…

What I asserted in a public letter is that in response to my right to petition, last April, the Attorney General’s Office did not state that it had opened proceedings against me for witness tampering in prisons or for wrongful work with Mr. Alex Saab. Likewise, I was informed that the Public Prosecutor’s Office confirms that there is no extradition warrant against me, nor a request for cooperation in the investigation of me by any state. The full document is available to the media.

Why did he come out to defend Facundo Morales, the Argentine FARC fighter who participated in the kidnappings and was a member of the “Teofilo Forero” column?

As part of my humanitarian efforts, this Argentine boy participated in one of the unilateral renditions of civilians carried out by the FARC. He was not a leader. I don’t know that he was involved in kidnappings or an active location. In this context, I was called by the Argentine judicial authorities as a witness before requesting the extradition of Duque’s application. I believe that Facundo and any citizen of the world should receive a fair trial according to the law, especially when those who participated in the armed conflict receive the legal treatment established by the peace agreement.

Is it true that you brought a letter to the Petro campaign of the paramilitary Martin Llanos, offering the “social inclusion” of several convicted Auc members, as attorney Alberto Goeti asserts? vs?

never; It is wrong information. I received an open letter to campaign the historic charter from people deprived of their liberty from nine prisons in the country. I posted it on my Twitter on March 10th, because regardless of whether I agreed with all of its contents or not, I considered that there was no illegal request. I have nothing to do with Mr. Lanos and my position on paramilitary groups has been clear since before I was kidnapped by the US military.

But haven’t you received other texts from the prison inmates?

Yes, I have received other messages but it is not about any negotiation or electoral promise. And as evidenced in more than 40 years of my political life, I do not act for anything, nor on the basis of privilege.

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Deliverables confirm that you promised that if Petro wins delivery, it will be amended. This is correct? Do you advocate not handing over your brother if Petro wins?

Any delivery yamed? The prisoners whom Cambio and Semana accused of interviewing actually denied this fallacy. I am not stupid and I know that no reform can be promised that would amend the injunction, which is the situation of the majority of those who can be extradited, who are only waiting to be transferred to the United States. Only in this case will I obviously be prevented from voting on this issue in Congress.

American media claims that the United States has evidence that you spent several million euros on luxury jewelry and handbags; Who used the Alex Saab credit card. Do you deny that you have connections and work with Saab?

I don’t know who is saying that on behalf of the United States. The US Embassy did not ask me for information in this regard. The International Affairs Office of the Attorney General’s Office assured me that no foreign country had requested judicial cooperation to investigate me. They are myths and myths about expenses. Millions of euros in wallets? Instead, Imelda Marcos was too young for me. In Saab, I explained it with nauseousness. I had no business relationship with him.

Why was your brother, Alvaro, arrested for drug smuggling?

The DEA should answer that question. Neither my family nor I have committed crimes against the American people, nor do I consider myself an enemy of the United States, which is why this news surprised me. I’ve always seen Alvaro act legally. I consider him the victim of a trap who really wanted to involve me in the presidential campaign of the Historic Pact, as Gustavo himself denounced in front of the media. Suffered from an illegal operation by the Drug Enforcement Administration and its collaborators in Colombia. There are no seizures or evidence of any kind to support the charges against him, which is why we will make the legal struggle to prove wrongdoing in his case.

Were your visits to prison just to talk to your brother?

I entered La Picota to provide family support to my brother and to give him legal support, including investigations related to his case, which is why I entered to request the relevant permits as an attorney. I did not proselytize or patronage agreements of any kind. This is bad gossip.

And the Muslims who supposedly interviewed you?

They themselves denied it without any correction so far.

He learned that his sister Martha was going to try to pay two million pesos to La Picota prison when her brother Alvaro visited…

We are 7 brothers. Since political persecution has robbed me of my right to visit my brother Alvaro, it will be the other members of the family who will accompany him in the midst of the emotional dread that has arisen in us. My sister Martha, who had not lived in Colombia for many years, did not understand the limitations of these wards and, according to what was said, violated the prison regulations, for which she would undergo a disciplinary process in which the facts would be made clear. I regret that this situation became another incentive to hit me.

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What are your purposes as a senator from the Republic?

To continue my historic struggle for women’s rights, I was the first speaker for the decriminalization of abortion, and I co-authored the first project to classify the crime of female homicide. I will be promoting a legislative package that includes standards on political violence against women, penalties for gender-based crimes, and sexual and reproductive health. I aspire to be in the Fifth Committee convinced that the revitalization of the country’s productive sector is an urgent task to alleviate the crisis of hunger and extreme poverty that the Duque government has given us. I am preparing a proposal for a Social Shock Plan for submission to our Office of Historic Charter, and to promote its rapid approval and application in Congress.

Do you fear for Gustavo Petro’s life?

Yes … there are clearly plans underway to prevent Gustavo from ruling this country. The ongoing genocide against social leaders is part of it.

Do you fear for your king? Were you threatened?

Yes, of course. I submitted a report to the Truth Commission on Political Persecution as an opponent, a document that is baseless and has not yet been evaluated. Constant threats and surveillance against me and my family. More than 14 attacks have been reported, most recently after being asked about Álvaro Gomez just two years ago. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and Colombian Justice has recognized my status as a victim of this perpetual stalking.

Is your visa to enter the United States valid?

After my arbitrary dismissal from the Attorney General’s office, I did not apply for renewal again.

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