Married Woman Caught With Tinder Notifications While Traveling With Husband And Children


A notification that a plane passenger spotted on another passenger’s phone is raising eyebrows.

In a TikTok video that has generated over 4 million views, a user named Karima shared what she saw on a married woman’s phone who was seated near her.

A married woman appeared to have notifications from the dating app, Tinder, on her phone.

In the video, Karima shares that a woman boarded the plane with her husband and children.

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She happened to sneak a glance at the woman’s phone and noticed that she had the popular dating app Tinder.

What was perhaps even more shocking was that the woman had 22 notifications from the app.

Karima also saw that the woman was wearing an engagement ring.

“Watching a girl chilling on the plane with her husband, kids, a wedding ring, and 22 tinder notifications,” she wrote in text over the video.

“Maybe they have an open marriage?” I am confused,” Karima captioned the post.

People had many different interpretations of the situation.

TikTok users took to the comments section of the viral video to share their interpretations.

Some believe that the woman and her husband could be in an open relationship.



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