Manipulating ingredients: an open letter to Santiago Abascal

Written by Lydia Falcone

Canary Islands – weekly

I address V., although I do not know him personally, because I saw a judicial intervention you in spanish parliament, to treat deputies of Podemos, His statements seemed biased and ignorant to me Feminist history

In our country, however proud he is of knowing the events that have marked our future in recent centuries.

You are questioning these MPs, accusing them Not all Spanish women are represented.

On the other hand, an empty accusation, given that no political party represents the whole people or even large sections of it, as is the case with that headed by V. which does not exceed 15% of the vote, of which only 30% are female. And I would not consider it necessary to answer an obvious question – first of all because I do not feel represented by these MPs and their party either – were it not for the fact that your rhetoric, Mr. political, whatever ideology it advocated.

Because it is true that a file Podemos leaders They do not represent the women that V. gathers in his party nor, perhaps, many others who share the national Catholic ideology defended by V. Mr. Abascal, All Catholic and non-Catholic women, old and young, The Manual workers, housewives, graduates,

Mothers and daughters, single women, wives, divorcees and widows, all benefit from the rights and advances that feminism has achieved for women, in more than a century of struggle in Spain. What unfortunately happens is that they are greedy for gratitude and you are manipulating them.

For V. will believe that your flock is outside the feminism and perversions that the Feminazis defend, as you describe us, but all can exercise the right of suffrage which we so hard won in 1931, with the Constitution of the II Republic, which you deny. Because if not, they could not vote for V. and his party. All women gained the right to be able to open a bank account, buy real estate, take a job and get a salary, get their own passport and travel to any foreign country without the need for a husband’s permission, as well as receive public education, enter university, and access positions private and public decision-making, and access to seats in Parliament and the Senate, thanks to the dedicated and generous struggle waged by the conquered feminists for all women.

In the same way, it was codified, again, a file Civil marriage and the divorce In our country, which was outlawed by the Franco dictatorship that you like so much. You might think that both your associates and the electors of your party only marry in church and never separate, but like you yourself, civilly married and later separated, use the constitutional rights that we feminists have been able to salvage when it suits you. In 1981, civil marriage and divorce were approved for the first time after fifty years of civil marriage and divorce 2 Republic in that Constitution of 1931.

In the same way, Catholic women, ultra-nationalists and feminists, who are your parish, have children out of wedlock, like you, and use various contraceptives to control their birth as evidenced by the birth numbers in our country, and when it happens. Necessary or convenient for them, they decide to boycott pregnancy – a euphemism that hides the horrific word for abortion – and resort to laws that allow it, which feminists were able to enforce in Catholic Spain.

And don’t tell me it’s a lie because, having worked as a family lawyer for sixty years, I had clients claiming to be Catholics whom I contacted, in times of dictatorship, with feminist organizations who searched for women on such a trip to London or Amsterdam to have an abortion in clinics those cities. Today, many of their constituents turn to the same services in Spain, when the need arises. Because emotions, motives, and needs are the same in all human beings, though you and your followers in religion, want to hide reality.

In the same way, when, after many years of struggle, feminism and the gay and lesbian movement were able to approve same-sex marriage, right-wing hard-liners and even high-ranking People’s Party officials married men, some of whom had good reputations. Propaganda, such as that party’s then spokesman, Javier Maroto, and the party was held by then-mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, his co-religionist.

And that sounds good to me, you know, Mr. Abascal, because I have fought and still fight for equal rights for all people, no matter where they are born, their nationality, the color of their skin, your gender, your ability, your religion, or your sexual preferences. I will not argue that only people who share our ideology can exercise human and constitutional rights, as you do.

But what does not seem right to me, Mr. Abascal,

It’s the hypocrisy you are using. When you ask the deputies of Podemos–with whom I have no sympathy–to exclude them because, as I said, they do not represent all women, I suppose you mean among the opposition those who vote for you, you do not realize that whether they are represented or not, all women, including you and your relatives and yourself Divorced because it suits you, benefiting from the efforts and struggles of the feminists to include this Spain which you do not like and you, among those concerned with the advantages afforded them by equal rights.

Because, Mr. Abascal,

You were not given the right to annul a marriage by the national Catholicism of the Franco dictatorship, and if you were born a few decades earlier, you would find yourself bound by an uncomfortable marriage because of a religious secret. Their daughters will not have the freedom to move, work, or own goods and economic resources. And if you love them, I suppose, the relationship of subordination, rather than slavery, which was imposed on women by the department of women’s phalanxes, which governed the fate of Spanish women until the transitional period, will do you harm. Now women who detest feminists can vote for their party, which despise them, is also credited to feminists who gained female suffrage when it was not yet granted in many advanced European countries.

Hell is full of jacquards for the beautiful, and you, who you must believe in, if you do not correct your misogynistic rhetoric, you are in danger of ending up there.

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