I want an electrician to take a lie detector test after my wife’s jewelry went missing


DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER an electrician did some rewiring in my house, I noticed that my wife’s jewelery was missing. I suspect he stole it.

I want him to take a lie detector test to eliminate him. Can I make him?

I am convinced the electrician stole the jewelry but I cannot prove it


I am convinced the electrician stole the jewelry but I cannot prove it

I am 42, my wife is 39, and we have two young children.

My wife keeps some precious jewelery in the bedroom – including a gold bracelet and earrings her grandmother gave her – but since he visited, we can’t find them anywhere.

She’s very upset. They have sentimental value.

I’ve reported the theft to the police, but I’m not confident they’ll do anything.

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The electrician denies it. I don’t believe him.

I’ve seen lie detector tests on TV and I think this is the best way to rule him out.

DEIDRE SAYS: You do not have any evidence that the electrician stole from you, and it is highly unlikely that he would agree to a lie detector test.

More to the point, the tests are not totally reliable, which is why they’re not used in the criminal justice system.

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