I spent £12,000 on my girlfriend before I realized money was all she wanted


DEAR DEIDRE: I ALWAYS knew she liked the finer things in life – but now I’m convinced my ex was only interested in me for my inheritance.

During the two years we were together, I spent more than £12,000 on my girlfriend, only to discover she had been cheating on me throughout our relationship.

Mum warned me she seemed materialistic and worryingly interested in money


Mum warned me she seemed materialistic and worryingly interested in money

I am a 24-year-old guy and my ex is 22.

I work as a sports coach for kids and met her when she came to pick up her nephew, who is seven, from my club.

That was three years ago, just before she started her university course.

From the moment I saw her, I was smitten. She was gorgeous, open and friendly.

I was so chuffed when she agreed to a date.

Our relationship developed really quickly and I was so proud to introduce her to my parents.

So when their reaction was less positive, I was really miffed.

Mum warned me she seemed materialistic and worryingly interested in money.

Thinking back, her face lit up when I mentioned that I was about to buy my own place with some inheritance Grandad had left me.

I was constantly paying out for meals, gifts and holidays and brushed aside my parents’ concerns that I was spending too much on her.

Then last summer, after she graduated from uni, she went to Ibiza with her mates and then I took her to the South of France for a fortnight. It was great.

We talked about our future and even looked at engagement rings.

But on our return, a friend messaged saying he’d seen my girlfriend looking “more than friendly” with somebody else.

That weekend she had told me she was visiting her sister.

Going through her phone, I realized that she’d cheated throughout our relationship with various men.

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I thought she loved me, but now I see my parents were right. She was only interested in my money.

She admitted cheating and I’ve ended it, but I still love her.

DEIDRE SAYS: I am sorry that you are hurt.

She may not have intentionally taken your money but she knows she is a cheat.

She strayed more than once, which shows that she wasn’t serious about you. It’s time to start valuing yourself.

Even when things go wrong in our lives, we can take a positive lesson – perhaps that it is better to keep your financial affairs to yourself.

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