I Didn’t Ruin This Friendship, You Did


By Emma Spear

“Hey! I haven’t heard from you in forever!” “Why don’t we text anymore?” These are just some of the messages I have gotten from people I’ve lost touch with over the years.

It’s as if our friendship just died. And the only answer that I have for them is: You. It’s all about you, babe.

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I am always the person who reaches out first. I’m always the one to initiate a text, to see if someone wants to meet up, or to see if someone is free for a cup of coffee.

Yet no one reaches out and asks me how I am or if I want to grab a cup of coffee.

It’s all about you and your life, but the second I want to talk about something, I’m left on reading or given a quick answer like “yeah” or “OK.” Meanwhile, I just wrote you an entire paragraph about your situation.

I give you all my attention, and I can’t even hold yours for 30 seconds. And I’m sick of it.



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