Dad Praised for Encouraging Daughter’s Boyfriend To Dump Her After 3 Weeks


A dad has been praised for encouraging his daughter’s boyfriend to end their three-week relationship to avoid being “hurt in more ways than one.”

In a post shared to Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest forum, user Voxxanne titled his lengthy thread: “I’ve been dating a girl for three weeks. I’m breaking up with her already.”

The now-viral post has been upvoted more than 16,000 times since being posted on September 26.

He explained why the relationship had ended in a lengthy post, starting with a disastrous dinner at his girlfriend’s new house. The original poster stated her father was “extremely quiet” and compared him to a “statue or a ghost.” Her mom, however, is the opposite, with a “booming voice and laugh that could shake the entire house.”

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Stock image of a man whispering to another man. A father has been praised online for encouraging his daughter’s boyfriend to dump her.
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He added: “Her actions and reactions were so over-the-top. I felt awkward and drained of energy just by watching and listening to her.”

He explained his girlfriend was just as loud and they both slapped the table while laughing.

“But the thing that made me frown was that her mom would hit her dad whenever she would laugh. And it wasn’t a friendly hit, either. It would probably classify as a hard slap every single time. I could see her dad twitch in either pain or surprise, too.

“It was hard watching and listening to them so I excused myself to the comfort room to compose myself. When I got out, I saw her dad standing by the hallway and he seems to be waiting for me.

“His exact words were, ‘Be careful. They’re the same. You’ll get hurt in more ways than one,’ and then he went back to the dining room.”

The original poster stated the dad didn’t speak again for the rest of the evening but his words stuck with him “like glue.”

He stated he could now see his girlfriend’s “red flags” and pointed out she would allegedly slap him when laughing and “always find something to punch, kick or scream while angry.”

“She would throw things in frustration or whenever she would lose in games like UNO. There was one time when she screamed at my face so loud that I heard ringing in my ears.”

“The signs are all there, and I pity her father who’s been enduring that kind of treatment for decades from her and her mom. I truly hope that he gets out of there someday.”

The post ends with an edited update whereby the original poster states he broke up with his girlfriend in person and “she lost it.” He went on to recommend anger management and recorded the whole ordeal.

“To all the people suffering all kinds of abuse, I truly hope you break free from your abusers.”

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This stock image shows a couple arguing. In a viral Reddit post, the original poster states he hopes those in abusive relationships can “break free.”
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People often assume physical violence when they hear about abuse, but that’s not always the case. Dating abuse is a pattern of behaviors used to gain or maintain power and control over a partner—physical violence is just one example of such behavior.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in seven women and 1 in 25 men were injured as a result of intimate partner violence which included rape, physical violence and/or stalking.

Approximately 11.2 million men have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner and reported at least one measured impact related to these or other forms of violent behavior in that relationship.

Within 24 hours, hundreds of Redditors commented on the post. Many of them are praising and sympathizing with the father.

The top comment has received 9,600 upvotes, it said: “Good on you that you took heed of the red flags! I feel sad for the dad. He saved you!”

Another wrote: “Original poster needs to sneak that dad a special bottle of liquor or another small gift. He saved him a lifetime of pain and misery.”

“The dad didn’t want another one to suffer like him. I really feel sad for the dad too. Original poster, if possible take the dad for a walk or something. Maybe he will also feel great when he could do something which will make him happy,” said another.

Newsweek reached out to u/Voxxanne for comment. We could not verify the details of the story.


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