Asking for a friend: I’ve never enjoyed receiving oral sex, but my new boyfriend is very keen for us to try it. What should I do?


I’ve had a couple of boyfriends, and usually most of our relationships have gone fine, and intimacy has been good. However, I’ve never really enjoyed oral sex. My new partner says he is keen to try it out with me, but I just feel really uncomfortable. It was never really a priority before, and my new boyfriend says that’s because the other people were bad in bed, and to try it again. I never really got anything from it and I feel a little bit of pressure to try it, even though I’m happy without it as well. I wouldn’t have said they were bad in bed, but he is making me think about what that phrase even means. I don’t know how I feel as I am less experienced than him, but I want to explore too. I just get stuck in my head about it. How do I get over this block?


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