Aida Merlano: Echeveri, the former manager of Duque, says she’s lying – Election 2022

Luis Guillermo Echevre, the former director of Evan Duque’s presidential campaign in the 2018 election, refused entry to 6000 million pesos as reported by runaway congresswoman Aida Merlano.

“That’s not true, Evan Duque’s campaign has never received anything from either Mr. Guerlain or from Char, or from Mrs. Merlano, or anything to do with public resources,” he emphasized.

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Echeveri, in an interview with Radio RCNExplain that to donate to a campaign, people have to make a statement under oath about the origin of the resource.

“If a person commits falsehood, he is in big trouble, but this campaign has 17 controls, one account, only I authorized the money,” he said.

The former Duque campaign manager confirmed to Radio that they had submitted all the accounts and that “we have the decisions of the National Electoral Council (CNE) for the three campaigns.”

We also have NEC investigative decisions into a private company that they sent to investigate us as well as the Senate impeachment committee over handling of campaign funds. He also announced himself before the Public Prosecution in a public process.”

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Video: Aida Merlano in the audienceThe former congresswoman responds to the Supreme Court over an alleged violation of election caps.

Aida Merlano at a hearing before the Supreme Court

“Everything is announced in real time and it is very clear. In addition, we had limits in the campaign of no more than 50 million natural people in the consultation, not more than 80 million in the first round and in the second round no one got pesos because everything was done Fund it by replacing votes, bank credits, and party credit. That was all that was received,” he explained.

“The same money seems to be running multiple times in Ms. Aida Merlano’s imagination, because she says they gave it to the Vargas Lieras campaign, and then she said they gave it to the Duque campaign and you have to see those numbers for a reason. The side, like $6 billion or $18 billion, so the lady is creative. Very much,” Echeveri said.

His statements coincide with those of President Duque, who, in addition, also questions Merlano’s accounts of his presence in Venezuela.

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In Mrs. Aida Merlano’s imagination, the same silver appears to be produced several times

“This woman is attacking my honor with lies since Nicolás Maduro has been protecting her. This woman was arrested or surrendered to the authorities in April 2018, a month and a half before the first round. In addition, her campaign was raided on Wednesday morning in Caracol Radio’s microphone,” Duque said on Wednesday morning:

“My campaign, handled with such meticulousness and which answered all kinds of questions, has not only been freed from any position in the National Electoral Council, but also in the Congressional impeachment committee. What is involved here is manipulation. It is very strange because the lady has been condemned before The Supreme Court in September 2019 and only came to attack me when we launched an operation to recover her once she escaped from the Colombian authorities,” Duque explained at that station.

This Tuesday, the oral trial against the former congresswoman for the crime of violating campaign limits resumed before the Special Trial Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.

This is the second criminal operation that stemmed from the same acts of electoral corruption for which she was sentenced to 11 years and 4 months in prison for conspiracy to commit a crime, voter corruption and illegal possession of firearms, in connection with the existence of a criminal network to buy votes.

It added in this judicial proceeding that 6000 million pesos had been handed over by Julio Guerlain to the campaign of then-candidate Duque.

“Part of that money was later part of candidate Duque’s presidential campaign, which they gave him of that 18 billion pesos, and the 6000 million that Julio (Guerlain) gave him, of money he didn’t pay to Alejandro Char and Merlano said he said he was Keeping abreast of the debts of his committee.

After these accusations, the investigating judge swore to Merlano and warned him of the consequences if he did not tell the truth and asked him if he believed the accusations against third parties.

Merlano replied, “I have told the truth, I have believed myself and I promise to provide evidence for the facts which I have stated here.”

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