Adam Levine cheating scandal: What constitutes emotional cheating



According to Rachel Voysey, a principal psychologist at Sydney’s Relationship Room, Levine’s behavior is textbook emotional cheating, which involves engaging in behavior with another person that breaches the trust in a relationship.

“There’s no one singular definition, but it’s something that sits outside the boundaries of what you and your partner have agreed on. Anything outside the agreed transparency and that breaches the intimacy is a form of cheating,” Voysey says.

While many assume a physical affair is the only true form of cheating, Voysey says she sees couples and individuals working through the impacts of emotional cheating on a daily basis and says the fallout from it can be substantially greater.

“Those messages will be seared into her [Prinsloo’s] memory forever; it’s the worst kind of trauma.”

“In my experience, nobody likes the idea of ​​their partner having sex with somebody else but an emotional affair and reading the kinds of messages Levine sent tends to have a much deeper and worse effect on people.”

She explains, “Suddenly, you learn that someone else knows all this stuff that you don’t know about, and the person you’re closest to is sharing themselves with someone else and that’s when intimacy immediately flips into betrayal.” Those messages will be seared into her [Prinsloo’s] memory forever; it’s the worst kind of trauma.”


To date, it’s unclear if Levine ever met up with the women he was speaking with, although Stroh is claiming the pair’s affair lasted a year and that Levine had given her “the impression that their marriage was over.”

In messages to another woman named Alyson Rose, Levine wrote, “I shouldn’t be talking to you, you know that right?” While Rose says she and Levine never met in person, she concedes the messages sent to her by the former judge The Voice were “not appropriate”.

As to why Levine behaved the way he did, Voysey says we may never know but coming back from this kind of experience in a relationship can happen.

“Humans make bad choices every day; we’re not very good at avoiding the things we know we shouldn’t do. When it comes to overcoming this kind of cheating, it’s about looking at what’s driving this and what they can learn. Going through that can be incredible, but it’s confronting and it takes a lot of hard work.”

And if you’re still unsure as to what crosses a line or constitutes emotional cheating, Voysey says understanding the boundaries is surprisingly straightforward.

“Ask yourself, would you speak to a person the way you are privately in front of your partner? Would you be comfortable with your partner reading those messages? If the answer is no, it’s emotional cheating.

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