9 Signs You And Your Best Friend Have A ‘Soul Connection’ | John Cappello


Friendship means different things to different people and this type of relationship falls into different categories.

You may have diverse types of friendships such as acquaintances, “social” friends, people you know but do not talk to, people you trust but do not know much about, and you can have friends that you feel an obligation to but are only willing to go so far. They are all friends in one form or another.

Some friendships offer a telepathic or soul connection

The idea of ​​the best friendship may vary from person to person but the areas in this discussion are basic.

A true friend may not see you for years and pick up where you left off because there is a soul connection between you. You may yearn for your best friend because you enjoy his or her company so much.

A close companion may have telepathy with you and be able to predict your behavior because they know you so well. This is a shared trait you may have with him or her.

The comfort level you have with your best friend or friends is unmatched. Relationships you have with others may be good but there is something different about a best friend.

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If you answer ‘yes’ to these nine questions, you have a soul connection with your best friend

1. You accept your friend for who they are

If the answer is “yes” then you are on your way to being the best type of friend. This acceptance must be mutual because if it is not, then the friendship is not complete. A reciprocal feeling or bond needs to be there if there is to be a true friendship.



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