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Respect is defined as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements.”

Great and healthy relationships need high levels of respect on the part of both partners.

For those couples in a relationship who are less intentional and accomplished in this area, their lack of respect holds the partnership down to lower levels of well-being. Learning how to show respect is a must for both partners.

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There are some simple steps you can take to stop any of the habituated patterns that are disrespectful, to replace them with more responsible ways of relating.

Although they’re not necessarily easy, doing them with your partner enhances the level of respect that allows your relationship and partnership to thrive.

With that said, here are 25 ways to show respect in healthy relationships.

1. Tune in and pay attention by listening attentively to find out your partner’s needs, desires, and concerns.

2. Use what you’ve discovered by paying close attention to show that you notice their needs, desires, and concerns by acting on what you discover.

3. When your partner is direct with their requests, take influence from your significant other by responding to what your partner asks for, and acting on those requests in a timely fashion.

Leave no room for procrastination; really show up.

4. Speak words of acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude not only for what your partner does but for who your partner is.

5. When using humor to enliven the relationship, be careful to only playfully tease and not wound with sharp barbs.

6. Only make comparisons to others for the purpose of calling attention to your partner’s strengths and talents.

7. There are intimate details that only you are privileged to know, so never violate confidentiality.

8. Become a worthy opponent to spar carefully with your partner to work out differences during a conflict.

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