16 Signs He’s Not Putting In Enough Effort Into Your Relationship


It’s important to remember that, in any relationship, the effort is not always 50/50. Sometimes, someone could be going through something and so the other person will put in 70/30 temporarily.

It all depends on what you’re each going through.

Regardless, if there are signs he consistently doesn’t offer a balanced effort into a relationship — especially when one party is always giving 30 percent — you should re-evaluate your relationship.

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Here are 16 signs he isn’t putting enough effort into your relationship:

1. You’re the only one asking about him and his life.

You have a genuine interest, but he doesn’t do the same for you.

2. He only says “I love you” after you say it first.

Otherwise, he never says it or expresses it.

3. He stopped trying to impress you.

He gives you no compliments, doesn’t flirt with you, and puts in minimal effort.

4. He’ll only agree to see you if it fits into his schedule.

So you end up having to alter yours to fit his.



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