12 Signs He Doesn’t Love You, He Just Loves Fixing You


One of the guys I used to date was named Alex. Alex seemed like a dream come true to a girl like me at first glance. He was nurturing, and sweet, and would always come to my rescue whenever I needed help.

At the time, I was not in my best situation. I was struggling with loneliness in college, a serious substance problem, and other issues, too.

Alex was always there for me. He was my hero… until I got better. When I got better as a person, the relationship quickly turned abusive. Finally, when he broke up, he dropped the bomb on me. He told me “I don’t think I ever really liked you. I liked fixing you. I’m sorry.”

And it all made sense. He liked to see me broken because I made him feel important.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few guys out there who are just like Alex. I call them “Fixers,” because they literally are just looking for women who can be “fix up projects” like cars. Unfortunately, women are not cars, and men who do this tend to do so out of a need to control, get validation, and feel like a hero.

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Here are 12 signs he doesn’t love you, he just loves fixing you:

1. When you two first met, he was really interested in your personal issues.

You should always be worried when guys seem to be overly interested in things like your drug habit, your self-injury habit, or your eating disorder. Most of the time, guys who do this are looking for someone they deem vulnerable, controllable or a “fixer-upper” they can save.



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