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Uh oh…this sure doesn’t sound good…

If you publicly put your spouse on blast for something funny or stupid they did, you’re probably gonna be in trouble.

But it’s good news for us strangers who don’t know these people!

Take a look at these 10 posts, have some laughs, and then say a special prayer for these folks that they didn’t get into too much trouble…

This is not good…

I think my husband was tired this morning because that is dog food and not coffee beans. from funny

Way to go!

Happily obliged when my wife said she would mow the grass… from mildly infuriating

Let’s try that again.

How my wife puts away the cutlery from mildly infuriating

This is giving me anxiety.

My wife: I never got your email Also her: from mildly infuriating

You need to have a talk with her.

My wife only takes a few bites of an apple and “saves the rest for later” from mildly infuriating.

Come on, dude!

The way my husband hangs his pants…on a pants hanger from mildly infuriating

A real savage!

The way my wife used the butter this morning to butter her toast… from mildly infuriating

100% disgusting.

This is where my wife keeps her teeth from mildly infuriating things

I bet you’ve seen enough.

The way my wife eats cinnamon rolls… from mildly infuriating

Care to explain…?

my wife doesn’t like the way I eat chips from mildly infuriating

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