Salvador Nasrallah is not satisfied with the president’s failure to take into account the development of sports

2022-04-08 Presidential appointee from HondurasAnd Salvador NasrallahSurprised to admit ten He “won’t take part in sports” under the government Xiumara Castro. Veteran engineer and journalist stated that he had “nothing to do” with Increasing the sports budget for 2022 which was unveiled on Friday where sports in Honduras will have an economic base of 440 … Read more


They are marine invertebrates, mostly benthic (sea-floor), and are widely distributed in the oceans. About 7,000 species have been recorded alive, and 13,000 have become extinct. The most famous organisms in this phylum (Echinodermata) are sea urchins, starfish, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, brittle stars, and sea lilies. Echinoderm means “spinal skin”, but it should be … Read more

Metaverse fever

We often hear worried voices about the end of work. They constitute a virtual world in which all work will be automated, and thus there will be practically no need for workers. Companies are getting smaller and smaller not only because production is automated, but because sales, coordination and management tasks are also automated. Also, … Read more

How to Connect Mediation – LegalToday

“Even a five-year-old would be able to understand this!” “Quick, find a five-year-old boy, he looks Chinese to me.” Groucho Marx (goose soup) The final generalization of the use of mediation as a system for resolving conflicts between people and organizations It depends on several factors: a) That this system is fully recognized and validated … Read more

“we.” Netflix: This was the brutal and forgotten massacre of Allende in Mexico depicted in a new series

editing * BBC News World July 1, 2021 image source, Ricardo Jardon/Netflix caption, The series “We”. Provides a perspective on the massacre that occurred in October 2011 in Allende, Coahuila. Friday afternoon, March 18, 2011. Allende, 60 km from the border of Mexico with the United States. A massacre that has yet to be forgotten … Read more

Let’s not laugh at metaverses

“A revolutionary approach to how to connect to our world without being too weird. In Iceland…there’s a sky you can see with your own eyes, volcanic rocks you can fish for, and huge fountains you can see from a safe distance.” This is contained in a video that has gone viral and is designed to … Read more

February 14: Valentine’s Day. Reconfiguration links in the twenty-first century

At the Education Workers Union, the arrival of the new February 14th makes us think about something we have learned in the past decade: what we call “ESI portals to schools.” What are the ways to initiate, develop or deepen ESI work in each school? Experience indicates that the organization of daily institutional life and … Read more

Winter Games: how to decide which Olympic sport and what are the new tests in Beijing?

Society is changing and sports too. over the years, New specialties appear, are modified Or, simply put, they are gaining more or less weight in the daily lives of citizens. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), the official body responsible for promoting the Olympics and its activities, is no stranger to this. throughout history, The sports … Read more