Why isn’t a major question asked to many families

“In my house we are five. Mom, dad, brother, dog and cat,” a five-year-old boy replied to the enumerator when he heard that he had asked How many of your family members. “It seems to me a complete lack of consideration that they do not include Pets in the census. They are part of the … Read more

Health explains that “monkeypox” is transmitted from animals to humans

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, explained that monkeypox is not sexually transmitted but a virus that spreads from animals to humans through close contact or fluids and emphasized that the National Health System (SNS) is already on the alert for early detection. “It’s a virus, so no A disease transmitted through sexual contact. It … Read more

The rage on Kangoo Jump, the sport with jumping shoes that has become massive in suburban yards

As the sunset takes over the city, people begin to fill green spaces and recreational centers for sports and physical exercise. A disorder that has flourished with the arrival of an epidemic that does not seem to intend to disappear. In the german square Buenos Aires party San MartinFor example, spaces are pre-identified with colorful … Read more

The animals that predicted the results of the World Cup

People are not the only ones celebrating when the World Cup approaches Exhibition: The animals that predicted the results of the World Cup 48 minutes ago France Press agency you and 0 people They love more animal teachersFrance Press agency People aren’t the only ones celebrating when the World Cup comes around countdown to Qatar … Read more

They confirm the relationship between the company that stole $1.4 billion and Radio K

As the judicial investigation with Codecop owners progresses, The link became clearer Between the then owners of K Radio del Plata and the company that moved the money from which $1.4 billion was stolen Banco Galicia, Coderi and McDonald’s. In a private document approved by him Clarioncurrent president and owner of Codecop, Carlos Zeballos, Report … Read more

The top box that breaks flight records

He has real positive energy radiating from every pore in his tall, slender body and through his green eyes. Despite its location Exile storyDasha Zakharova (41 years old) is a spark because she speaks and expresses herself with enthusiastic gestures. “I arrived in Argentina at the age of 16 due to the economic situation, when … Read more

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: The Beginnings of a Troubled Relationship – People – Culture

In this month of April 2022, the judicial proceedings brought by the American representative began Johnny Depp vs his ex-wife Amber Heard After publishing an opinion column in The Washington Post. The turbulent trial every day revealed more intimate relationships between the couple, with verbal abuse and alleged physical abuse on both sides. While revealing … Read more

They are building a 50-meter bridge so that endangered animals are not run over

building Wildlife Bridge “The largest in the world,” which will allow big cats, coyotes, deer and snakes, among others, to cross a 10-lane highway without the risk of being run over, began Friday in Southern California coinciding with Earth Day. After more than a decade of public and private efforts, today I was given the … Read more

This is what analysts think about the ruling of the Hague Tribunal – government – politics

The The Hague International Court This Thursday read the judgment in the case of alleged violations of sovereign rights and maritime spaces in the Caribbean Sea, which relates to the dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua for economic rights in part of the border area. (Read: These are the keys to the judgment to be pronounced … Read more

Olympic Games 2021: The Top Five Stars in Tokyo – Olympics – Sports

There is no better place than the Olympics to win, enforce the law and be called the best, and here few athletes come to establish themselves as the best in the world. It will be games where idols are scarce, after Usain Bolt (athletics) and Michael Phelps (swimming) withdrew, but that’s not a hindrance to … Read more