Why isn’t a major question asked to many families

“In my house we are five. Mom, dad, brother, dog and cat,” a five-year-old boy replied to the enumerator when he heard that he had asked How many of your family members. “It seems to me a complete lack of consideration that they do not include Pets in the census. They are part of the … Read more

The first steps to start a signal dog relationship with hunting

donostia – First steps related to basic Hound education and obedience Explained last week by expert trainer Victor Martinez Isande in the same pages of Desveda, this week offers small but important progress to address aspects directly related to the desired goals. On this occasion, a Navarrese trainer provides the items to consider so that … Read more

Pidad Cordoba: “Petro was pressured to remove me from his campaign” – Political Parties – Politics

Pidad Cordoba was one of the most controversial political leaders in the country’s history. She was kidnapped by Carlos Castaño and she survived. She was removed by the attorney general’s office as a senator, but her rights were restored and she was just elected senator by the historic charter. She was an active member of … Read more

Roadmap for banks to strengthen their presence in the regions | Finance | Economie

Asobancaria has just made a five-point statement that it seeks to be part of the conversation that Colombia has to have in the post-pandemic period. This is confirmed by Hernando Jose Gomez, president of the union Banks want to play an active role in building a more equitable country That day will be demonstrated at … Read more

The participation of officials in politics, how does it affect the campaign? – Election News – Election 2022

Over the past few months, complaints about inappropriate participation by officials and public servants in the presidential campaign have been as diverse as their heroes. However, the controversy intensified due to the controversial response of General Eduardo Enrique Zapatero, commander of the National Army, to the controversial statements made by candidate Gustavo Petro about the … Read more

Future aspirations to overcome turbulent times

We see four continuous messages, each serious in their own right, deeply troubling as an interconnected whole: Ukraine, inflation, energy and global supply chains. Thereturning home after the holiday of (or remembering) Holy Week and Easter, coinciding with the official suppression of the mandatory use of masks, with the exception of certain exceptions to the … Read more

They are building a 50-meter bridge so that endangered animals are not run over

building Wildlife Bridge “The largest in the world,” which will allow big cats, coyotes, deer and snakes, among others, to cross a 10-lane highway without the risk of being run over, began Friday in Southern California coinciding with Earth Day. After more than a decade of public and private efforts, today I was given the … Read more

Sports at stake for overall well-being | More content

Studies show that exercise usually helps improve mental function, independence, memory, speed, “body image” and a sense of well-being, and contributes to the prevention of non-communicable diseases. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, up to 5 million deaths a year could be avoided with a higher level of physical activity in the global … Read more

Hollywood couples give advice to avoid infidelity – people – culture

Although keep b stable relationship In the world of entertainment, the task can be difficult, many couples have managed to make their love last for a long time. The pressure of fame, work, and “temptations” can end a couple’s story, even if it’s a more established relationship like marriage. (We recommend that you read: Why … Read more