The first map of the most dangerous roads for animals in Colombia

More accidents were reported in Cesar, Valle del Cauca, Antioquia and Cundinamarca. Photo: Juan Carlos Jaramillo During the twentieth century the monumental construction of roads in Colombia. The regions of a country very complex in its geography began to connect thanks to the roads, which today total more than 206,000 km. Ironically, these also involved … Read more

He studies agronomy, works in a supply company, raises animals and harvests in his family’s field, and even specializes in manicures.

Josefina Antonini is 27 years old and passionate about the countryside. He inherited this love from his grandparents and parents, and made it grow with his own enthusiasm. He spent almost his entire life in Marcos Juárez, but now, shortly after completing his studies in agronomy, he settled in Cinçat, a small town located in … Read more

In the Vesty Pakos Biopark, 70% of the animals are old. 230 died since 2021

Luis Escobar / La Paz 70% of the more than 500 animals in the Vesti Bacchus Biopark in Malasa are old or in the final stage of their lives. The administration stated that between 2021 and the first months of this year, 230 died due to their old age or mistreatment prior to reaching this … Read more

Health explains that “monkeypox” is transmitted from animals to humans

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, explained that monkeypox is not sexually transmitted but a virus that spreads from animals to humans through close contact or fluids and emphasized that the National Health System (SNS) is already on the alert for early detection. “It’s a virus, so no A disease transmitted through sexual contact. It … Read more

The Animal Ownership Act provides 34 obligations and prohibitions, prohibits “withdrawals” – Cochabamba

After announcing the construction of a shelter for stray dogs a week ago, the Mayor of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, appears to be continuing his line of defense for the animals. In this sense, I submitted this Tuesday Law 1147/2022 for the Possession, Protection and Welfare of Animals and the Control of Zoonoses in the … Read more

Global warming may lead to the spread of poisonous animals

A team of researchers from Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) is leading an international study to analyze how toxic species respond to changes in ecosystems due to climate change, which can affect their distribution. thus, It is not excluded that some of these species will spread out of their current habitats to reach hitherto untouched … Read more

Drought or electrocution, the main threats to migratory birds in Castile and Leon

Related news The effects of climate change are also evident in the behavior of Migratory birds, species that rest every spring or nest in different natural environments in Castilla y León. Animals are also exposed to dangers such as electrocution on power lines, run over, or natural looting. Today marks World Migratory Bird Day, which … Read more

animals-myths-luck | Do animals believe in superstitions? It’s more possible than you think | Science

We humans should be superstitious. We believe in a cause-and-effect relationship between actions that may not exist or maintain a relationship per se. We all have practices and habits that we think give us more luck; Read your horoscope, practice feng shui, say key words before sneezing, for example. They have no basis in the … Read more