How do you protect children when they meet people online?

Most social media platforms and online games allow anyone to access somewhat anonymously the large online communities that attract stalkers, trolls, and sexual harassment. In this sense, to advise and protect minors, one must first recognize the risks and learn more about these groups, their motives and their methods. ESET from the Digipadres initiative, which … Read more

Metaverse, a space of opportunity “must” Latin America

Brands, especially those in Latin america, Experts agree that they “should be in the metaphysics” and explore their commercial potential, despite the fact that it remains a space of unregulated inequality and moral questioning, dominated by a group of private companies. The expression “metaverse” combines the Greek prefix “meta” -beyond- and the apocalyptic “verse” – … Read more

Pets in Power: Find out which animals accompany the chiefs in their government | Chile | Argentine | Borek | Bukele | Biden | Social media

Most people have shared their lives by their side Pets. Which is the situation in which the bosses They are also part of it, because before they became state leaders they were owners of cute little animals, with whom they shared different moments from day to day. Due to its rapid popularity in Social mediaThey … Read more

How Web 3.0 is changing social media and the online world as we know it

This article has been translated from our English version using artificial intelligence techniques. Errors may exist due to this process. Opinions expressed by collaborators entrepreneur They are personal. Humans are social creatures. Since the early days of dial-up internet access, people have embraced new and innovative ways to connect and communicate. From the basic one-dimensional … Read more

Instagram and Facebook, the duo that “monopolised” our networking habits – Unidiversidad

The true story of Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to purchase a simple photo-sharing mobile app a decade ago. What are the challenges compared to other apps that come out in contention for their leadership of social networks. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot and want to buy your companyHe told her ten years ago Mark … Read more

George Siemens: The dividing line may deepen the gap between rich and poor countries

Imagine Twitter as it is now. In a few years, there will be this classic version, with short texts on our website timetableon our computer screen, but there will also be a metaverse version, where we can see tweets floating above our heads, and with a physical move, we can jump into a virtual world, … Read more

Why does your company need to prepare for Metaverse

If there was one title that dominated business publications last year, it was the arrival of Metaverse. Of course, much of this press coverage was prompted by the sudden announcement that Facebook, in a massive public interaction with the metaverse, has literally changed its name to “Goal.” But Meta isn’t the only company taking steps … Read more

Restaurants in the Facebook metaverse

For years, Facebook has been in the midst of privacy disputes. In addition to its fundamental role in changing elections in various countries, the social network has become a breeding ground for new breeds of authoritarian, anti-science, or harmful thinking for human society. This has dragged the company into a pit that is hard to … Read more

3 tips when social networks do not allow you to end a relationship without a future

3 tips when social networks do not allow you to end a relationship without a future Photo: Pexels / Getty Images Martha Silva Bertos, Psychologist. PhD in Social Sciences with MA in Family Development and Field Representative Psychology and families – Northern (Caribbean) Columbian College of Psychologists He tells us why social networks today have … Read more