Vitamin pairings: here we tell you how to be one to take care of your relationship – woman – life

“Why are there people who inspire us with confidence and their presence comforts us? It’s about “Vitamin people”, those who bring out the best in you, inspire and support you and thus improve your immune system‘,” notes psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estape. “People with vitamins help relieve stress, their good hug can help us overcome a … Read more

How to accompany your son in his first relationship

Adolescence is a stage of great confusion in which physical, emotional, social, intellectual, sexual changes, etc. occur, which at certain times generate insecurity in adolescents. During this stage, they build their identity, enhance their personality and experience a range of feelings they may not have felt before, or at least not with such intensity. Social … Read more

Hugging after sex, what are the health benefits?

Kisses, caresses and hugs after sex are everyday actions that depend on the needs or preferences of each person, Although these emotional signs are also linked to biological and hormonal factors; As noted by the experts they consulted CuídatePlus. According to Sonia Garcia, psychologist and clinical sexologist, During sex, a hormonal revolution arises that has … Read more

Open Relationships: The Most Frequently Asked Questions and the Best Answers, According to an Expert

to many people, Open relationships are like the Eve of the apple. It generates so much oomph that we even imagine it, but we believe that if we tried it, we would unleash a disaster of unexpected proportions. However, there are many legends and myths around us, and we have dismantled some of them with … Read more