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Why are there unfaithful people? Infidelity is a mental illness, which has to do with the struggles — not overcoming — of a committed person. It may be a reflection of a childhood in which he saw that others did not adhere to him or her (through their upbringing, by their friendship, by their interests). … Read more

Worms and frogs, the key to clarifying the causes of some neurodevelopmental syndromes?

The study, conducted in research models with worms and frogs, could be crucial to understanding the cause of some cases of autism and syndromes such as CHARGE, which affects about 1 in 10,000 people. The study was conducted by scientists from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and the University of Buenos … Read more

8 tricks to regain love by getting your partner back

Emotional crises are common situations in a relationship. We go through cycles where we have to assume that Nothing will be the same as before. There is no turning back in many situations, but in others there is hope: a solution to the problems of the spouses is possible. Apply these 8 tricks and see … Read more

How to accompany your son in his first relationship

Adolescence is a stage of great confusion in which physical, emotional, social, intellectual, sexual changes, etc. occur, which at certain times generate insecurity in adolescents. During this stage, they build their identity, enhance their personality and experience a range of feelings they may not have felt before, or at least not with such intensity. Social … Read more

The incidence of sudden death associated with sports

Sports-related sudden death is very rare and difficult to predict. A population study based on autopsy has shed some light on this question. This study, conducted by a team including experts from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), was based on 288 autopsies performed in 25 provinces in Spain between 2010 and 2017. The … Read more

It can be a pleasure to be lonely, to be lonely is hell

The problem of loneliness and elder abuse is a problem that does not get all the attention it requires. Diana Spatorius unplash Read this article on The Conversation.com A person’s happiness is mainly determined by the quality of their personal relationships and emotional relationships. As social beings, we need a social circle that provides us … Read more

A strange dinosaur, judging by its tracks

Detailed analysis of the footprints left by the dinosaur revealed an unusual trait with which this person was born. A team led by researchers from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) in Spain analyzed the footprints of a carnivorous dinosaur with toes equipped with sharp nails. The relic was found at the lower Cretaceous site … Read more

Montserrat Moragriga: “It is possible to get out of a conflict relationship”

What began as a product of investigating the abuse, finding ways to recover, reconnecting with oneself, and learning to distinguish between what we want, what we imagine and what we receive, is now Series of books by Montserrat moragrega It has given us tools to restore dignity and gain the strength to change; It is … Read more

Hugging after sex, what are the health benefits?

Kisses, caresses and hugs after sex are everyday actions that depend on the needs or preferences of each person, Although these emotional signs are also linked to biological and hormonal factors; As noted by the experts they consulted CuídatePlus. According to Sonia Garcia, psychologist and clinical sexologist, During sex, a hormonal revolution arises that has … Read more

Open Relationships: The Most Frequently Asked Questions and the Best Answers, According to an Expert

to many people, Open relationships are like the Eve of the apple. It generates so much oomph that we even imagine it, but we believe that if we tried it, we would unleash a disaster of unexpected proportions. However, there are many legends and myths around us, and we have dismantled some of them with … Read more