GREFA Animal Hospital admitted nearly a thousand animals during the first four months of 2022

In total, 985 domestic animals were admitted to the GREFA Wild Fauna Hospital, located in Majadahonda, between January and April 2022. The number of animals admitted varied as the year progressed. Thus, 64 cases were recorded in January, 77 in February, 463 in March, and 381 in April. Of the nearly 1,000 animals accepted, 943 … Read more

Ebrard or the love of dictatorships – El Financiero

There are those who are fooled into thinking Marcelo Ebrard is a democrat. They believe that their association with autocrats is merely a clever source of flattering the president and obtaining his favors when he has to exercise the finger (which in Morena is called “poll”). I remember Marcelo Ebrard in 2005. I saw him … Read more

The Wrong Side of History – El Financiero

Once again, the President of Mexico is risking stability, trade alliance and relations with the main Mexican partner (the United States) for his ideological preference with “brotherly peoples” and myths of global brotherhood. Moreover, the launching of constant provocations in Washington seems to AMLO “courageous” and exemplary, admirable and compatible with what he considers to … Read more

bye wolf

Despite being increasingly residual, there are still people who do not view some animals as beings capable of communicating with their fellow environmentalists (including humans of course) in a way that it is difficult for us to avoid the label “emotional”. I am referring to the most common and close to us species, such as … Read more

Commerce, culture and sports flood the streets of Pego for an intense weekend

Blai Tomàs, of Ontinyent, won first prize in the 3rd Quick Painting competition, and Evarist Aparisi took home the prize for best painting by a local artist I had an intense Pego weekend. An extensive program filled the streets of the municipality with people who enjoyed culture, sports and gastronomy, as local merchants put icing … Read more

See you in the metaverse but, “for” what?

Everyone has been talking nonstop about metaverses lately. We love these “words”. But, to put it in perspective, and while this metaverse thing jumped into the public arena with the Facebook name change a few months ago, the phrase was coined in 1996 in the book SnowCrash by Neal Stephenson, where the science fiction author … Read more

The Animal Union considers the proposed reform of the penal code in cases of animal abuse a very dangerous step backward

Union for Animals and a total of 354 animal protection entities, taking into account the content of the draft Organic Law to amend Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Penal Code, on animal abuse, whose final mandate for filing allegations was on Monday 25th From this year, they have demonstrated their explicit support … Read more