This is Quasar, technology author of the Euroleague metaverse

Related news It all started with a job application directed to a video game company. He said in the letter:I don’t know much about the games But I write without misspellings.” He began to make contact, but a crisis in the company left his bones on the street. This was followed by another intense work … Read more

Leading metaverse developer The Sandbox has acquired Uruguayan tech company Cualit

One of the goals of Martín and Federico Pérez was to create high quality immersive experiences. So They worked for a decade at Cualit, a Uruguayan technology company the brothers co-founded and grew through the bootstrap model – without raising capital, reinvesting their profits. “Having now come to Mecca in the global metaverse industry, it … Read more

Metaverses, NFTs and the New Hope for Small and Medium Businesses to Survive the Crisis

The NFT or “non-replaceable token”as her name indicates, is Non-fungible, unique and non-repeatable assets, not interchangeable with another good looking asset. It is bought and sold online, generally using cryptocurrencies, and the use of blockchain technology to unambiguously identify ownership of a digital file, certify its exclusive nature and set it apart from the rest. … Read more

UBA launched its own Metaverse in a unique experience for the region

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) unleash his own metaversea digital space whose stage is the Faculty of Law and It is similar to a video game, where students can walk through spaces, read, interact with each other about educational content and talk with their teachers through graphic characters (avatars).. As if it was a … Read more

The unimaginable future the Internet is headed for

Every 17th May World Internet DayPromoted by the Internet Users Association and the Internet Society, with the aim of publicizing the possibilities offered by new technologies and promoting their access to the Internet. On the occasion of celebrating this day, we will see new technologies Internet Which is already part of our present and we … Read more

From supporting businesses to promoting the metaverse and NFT

Related news “The metaverse exploded in the last year and it happened thanks to the maturity of a technology like blockchain and supported, no doubt, by the epidemic, which has already used many technologies,” he says. Quirz Salomo, CEO of CBCat, the Blockchain Center in Catalonia. This initiative was promoted at the end of September … Read more

Wunderman Thompson: How the Metaverse Affects Industries

Wunderman Thompson Intelligence presents its study New Facts: In the Metaverse and BeyondSupplementary report for the latest publication in metaverse. After the report is issued in metaverseAnd media and brands actively participate in the virtual world, which contributes to the rapid development of the Meta community. Non-native token sets (NFTS) are filling the market, gaming … Read more

What is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse

With the advent of the metaverse, many questions arise about the technologies behind virtual worlds and how to “enter them”. It seems that the future is off the screens. With the arrival of metaverseyou see on the horizon a Changing the era that proposes immersive worlds for all industries. But getting to that point is … Read more

Metaverse and NFT market needs regulation to take off | legal

In an increasingly digital world, society is ready to make the leap towards virtual currency and new business models to be developed in the Metaverse. However, the lack of Spanish regulations regulating crypto assets, with the consequent risk to the user or investor in the face of potential fraud or in terms of data protection, … Read more

Metaverse, here we come! The new bet of schools and universities – AmericaEconomía

Imagine wearing VR glasses, choosing your avatar – a graphic representation of yourself – and entering a space with classrooms, libraries, etc., where you can also see avatars of your teacher and classmates. Everyone lives the same immersive educational experience through virtual reality. With the excitement and surprise caused by Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in October … Read more