How do you protect children when they meet people online?

Most social media platforms and online games allow anyone to access somewhat anonymously the large online communities that attract stalkers, trolls, and sexual harassment. In this sense, to advise and protect minors, one must first recognize the risks and learn more about these groups, their motives and their methods. ESET from the Digipadres initiative, which … Read more

Themes of investing in tomorrow

The Searching for opportunities in the digital age In a short-term environment in which the primary concern is high interest rates, inflation and the war in Ukraine, at first glance it may seem an impossible task. However, a long-range approach centralized in megatrend They stand by many experts as the floating element to cling to … Read more

Learn about the security risks that may be behind the Metaverse | News

The Metaverse, the digital universe project by Meta (Facebook’s parent company) that plans to extend online social experiences into a 3D environment or viewed in the real world, can conceal security and information protection risks, according to security computing firm ESET. “If you consider that many computer threats The present in today’s reality continues to … Read more

The Three Pillars of Protection for Metaverse | Economie

“Beyond expectations, the metaverse is yet to come in predictable and unexpected ways”Charlie Bell, Executive Vice President of Security, Compliance, Identity and Management, Microsoft, said in a statement. Some new experiences with headphones and mixed reality will be evident, but others will be difficult to discover. “Like all new classes, we will see intended and … Read more