The key is in the active observance of animal protection › Cuba › Granma

Although the adoption of Decree-Law No. 31 on Animal Welfare 13 months ago responded to the improvement of the animal health system in the country, as well as a popular demand, the reality underscores the need for more active monitoring of legal entities. To somehow protect animals, and of course society in general. Within this … Read more

The Wrong Side of History – El Financiero

Once again, the President of Mexico is risking stability, trade alliance and relations with the main Mexican partner (the United States) for his ideological preference with “brotherly peoples” and myths of global brotherhood. Moreover, the launching of constant provocations in Washington seems to AMLO “courageous” and exemplary, admirable and compatible with what he considers to … Read more

“Cuba is the last of the Mexican president who takes office”

Regardless of whether they were left, center or right, the presidents of Mexico shook hands with the leaders of Cuba. The historical relationship between the two countries has experienced a great boost since the mid-20th century, with cultural exchanges that have prompted the peoples of the two countries to develop a special relationship. And in … Read more

The presidents of Mexico and Cuba: a tense relationship

one in Havana enough for Mexico Restore any cracks in the relationship with Cuba. president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He will remain on the island for 28 hours to erase the remains of the famous “Comes y te vas” and to address the persistent blame that our country has strayed from. Latin america To throw … Read more

Article: “European Commission’s public condemnation of the US blockade of Cuba is an important step towards its end”: Rossio Raya

Cubainformacion – Video: Pau Romero. – We called Valencia. We speak with Rossio Raya, president of the Valencia Friendship Association with Cuba Jose Marti. This entity, with the support of 100 people and European solidarity entities, sent a petition to the European Commission nearly two years ago regarding Cuba and the embargo it is suffering … Read more

Tankers are always on the front line – Juventud Rebeldi

In mid-April 1961, Cuba was shaken with emotion in the face of ecstasy for a victory unparalleled in all of Latin America. The purest feeling that emanated from the people to firmly follow the unmistakable path of revolution and socialism, which recently with the same voice proclaimed General Commander Fidel Castro Ruz and the popular … Read more

Diaz-Canel’s wife calls him a dictator and unleashes anger on the networks

Opinion and comment Opinion’s editorials and other content provide perspectives on issues important to our community and are independent of the work of our newsroom reporters. The kind words on Twitter from Cuba’s first lady Les Cuesta for her husband, President Miguel Diaz-Canel, were met with sarcasm. Facebook Dictator of my heart. Oh darling. It … Read more