Drought or electrocution, the main threats to migratory birds in Castile and Leon

Related news The effects of climate change are also evident in the behavior of Migratory birds, species that rest every spring or nest in different natural environments in Castilla y León. Animals are also exposed to dangers such as electrocution on power lines, run over, or natural looting. Today marks World Migratory Bird Day, which … Read more

The Public Prosecutor’s Office appreciates the crime of animal abuse in the death of the firefighting donkeys in Castellón

Related news The The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Castellón Estimated probability of “crime of animal abuse” in death fire donkeys Released by Generalitat Valenciana in the Desert de Les Palmes Natural Park. This came in a letter from the Public Prosecution Office signed by the Public Prosecutor Maria Diaz Purplewhich EL ESPAÑOL has access to. … Read more

The 16 Pages That Castilla-La Mancha Debunked Belarra . Animal Welfare Act

Related news The government of Castilla-La Mancha, headed by the socialist Emiliano García Page, Stand Against Animal Welfare Bill Its development by the Podemos wing of the Pedro Sánchez Executive, and specifically by the Ministry of Social Rights and Plan 2030, led by the leader of the purple formation, Ione Belarra, was recently approved by … Read more

An investigation reveals the horrific conditions for transporting live animals | Europe | Dr..

“You’d better have a drink of brandy before watching (the video),” Gabriel Bowen said. He works for Animal Conservation International and has made footage of his investigation available to DW. You can see cows covered in excrement, fainted in the back of trucks, sheep beaten and subjected to electric shocks during transport, and animals slaughtered … Read more