Why isn’t a major question asked to many families

“In my house we are five. Mom, dad, brother, dog and cat,” a five-year-old boy replied to the enumerator when he heard that he had asked How many of your family members. “It seems to me a complete lack of consideration that they do not include Pets in the census. They are part of the … Read more

Generalitat doubled in 4 aid for women’s sports to promote equal opportunity

Women’s sport is going through a critical stage in our country. Camp Nou has amassed two consecutive world attendance records with Champions League matches for its unbeatable women’s team, Catalonia hosted its first Women’s Handball World Cup in Granollers, and soon we will be hosting the Field Hockey World Cup in Terrassa and the European … Read more

Bolivarian Games 2022: 50 Days, 50 Data – Olympics – Sports

We still have 50 days to start the 19th Bolivarian Games Valledupar 2022, The most important multi-sport event in the history of the César circuit, which opens the Olympic Games to Paris 2024, in which the six member states of the Bolivarian Sports Organization (Odibo) participate, in addition to four countries such as Diouf. Next, … Read more

Grandvalira Resorts exceeded 1,870,000 ski passes sold and increased revenue

Grandvalira resorts stations closed for a very positive winter season 2021-2022 as initially set expectations were greatly exceeded and business numbers returned to pre-pandemic. In 137 days from opening in Grandvalira accessed 1,722.991 ski dayWhich is a slight decrease of 1.6% compared to the 2018-2019 season, the last without being affected by Covid. However, there … Read more