The key is in the active observance of animal protection › Cuba › Granma

Although the adoption of Decree-Law No. 31 on Animal Welfare 13 months ago responded to the improvement of the animal health system in the country, as well as a popular demand, the reality underscores the need for more active monitoring of legal entities. To somehow protect animals, and of course society in general. Within this … Read more

La Jornada – Controversy in Tepic over new animal welfare regulations

Tebeck, nope. Controversy, annoyance and contention, as it would harm the economic interests of corporations such as palenques, charrería, jaripeos and bullfights, has led to the publication of this capital’s new animal welfare regulation in the Official Gazette of the current Tepic City Hall, which is headed by Morenista Maria Geraldine Ponce Mendes. The regulations, … Read more

Why isn’t a major question asked to many families

“In my house we are five. Mom, dad, brother, dog and cat,” a five-year-old boy replied to the enumerator when he heard that he had asked How many of your family members. “It seems to me a complete lack of consideration that they do not include Pets in the census. They are part of the … Read more

They order the closure of the bio-park and affect the resources to feed the animals

Luis Escobar / La Paz The Directorate General of Protected Areas, under the national government, has instructed the closure of the Visti Bacchus local bio-park, in Malasa, after 88 animals died so far this year and complaints of biological extermination. The management of this space stated that the measure did not follow the corresponding process … Read more

How to instill in children (city dwellers) a love for farm animals

Reading stories, escaping the asphalt and presenting environmental information without falling into disaster are keys to promoting green education “Children know more mobile brands than tree names.” With this harsh phrase, Galician teacher Miriam Campos Leros, Director of Teachers for the Future of Spain, recently told us on the same pages how schools and families … Read more

The first map of the most dangerous roads for animals in Colombia

More accidents were reported in Cesar, Valle del Cauca, Antioquia and Cundinamarca. Photo: Juan Carlos Jaramillo During the twentieth century the monumental construction of roads in Colombia. The regions of a country very complex in its geography began to connect thanks to the roads, which today total more than 206,000 km. Ironically, these also involved … Read more

#WorldBeeDay: No evidence that humanity will end in 4 years if bees disappear, but the world we know will change | Univision News

“If the bees disappear, we won’t be gone in four years, and that can’t be calculated. There are no studies showing that,” Paredes said. Send us in chat something you want us to check. click here: “Even if there are no bees of any kind, There are insects and other animals that are also pollinators … Read more