Pictures of heroes or domestic animals? – Opinion

To be aware of government declarations, though when it comes to them you never know, since it is not known how many of those declarations remain invalid, next Monday will be announced from the official circles of new bills – more correct that he said “The same bills in terms of their value, but with different images from the current ones” – they will officially start circulating in our country. If the announcement is confirmed, we will find the new banknotes, which will continue to circulate strictly with those currently in existence.

On the face of this new money we will find images of heroes – who carefully respect gender equality – rather than animals.

Meanwhile, strangely enough, this innovation has not yet aroused any controversy, since we are used to “making storms even in a glass of water”. A plausible explanation regarding this peculiar indifference, which can be found by mentioning the verifiable social stress in our society as a result of seeing our leadership – including our journalists – and the population themselves, many times waste time on trifles, while the package is descended into the treatment of topics The great things connected with our present painful situation, and the future in which we must strive to see full of hope, able to rally ourselves.

For our part, we feel compelled to “plant a spear in Flanders”, and ask ourselves in the first place What criterion is used and who is responsible for the task of considering someone as a hero deserving of this distinction which, as we shall see, is a very problematic question.

It should be borne in mind that a “reader”, according to the dictionary, is “a brilliant person, respected for his qualities and enjoying special interest among his class or profession”. The question raised is not a trivial one, for it is possible to imagine the general turmoil and subsequent heated debates that would cause Maradona or Che Guevara to be included in that category and to apply his image to a paper bill.

But it is time to introduce an issue into the topic, one of those that cannot be ignored. It is in our case A matter of chance, since it comes to our mind that it would not be more appropriate to make changes like those indicated, in the midst of this dramatic inflationary vortex in which we are involved, and as a result we are witnessing no use of low-value bonds, and it is not even difficult to foresee that the only bill that can be used Its use will be 1,000 pesos very soon. And then? thing is The insistence of our authorities not to put bonds of higher value into circulation is incomprehensiblea policy which at that time pretended to be explainable, but today it is impossible to pretend to attempt that already rampant inflation, but at this moment when even the government itself was honest to a certain extent and in such aggressive tone, current events have not become fashionable, he is heard declaring “The war on inflation”.

Hence, unless the Casa de la Moneda printers continue to operate fully and with the help of the twins from Brazil, and the number of security vehicles responsible for their transportation and occupancy – namely when diesels begin to become scarce – there is no explanation for continuing this stubbornness.

And here it is appropriate to introduce ourselves that the intent to replace animals with heroes on our face appears to be this replacement. This is without getting into the debate about which images are best suited to use. which is that, since there is no clear awareness of it yet, it is progressing day by day in our daily reality, the so-called Abolition of culture. Which is what topic scholars explain as “a practice that has penetrated the whole world and assumes the silencing of everything that threatens the values ​​and consensus of what is politically correct, what is ideologically acceptable, and what is self-required arises in society.” Something the Royal Spanish Academy has explained more succinctly and clearly, which in the fourth entry corresponding to the word “abolish” indicates to mean “A measure to stop the use of personal data, through its removal or physical deletion”.

In terms of the introduction of new bills into circulation would turn the current government, as a co-contributor to inflation, into a “kind of serial thug” if not for our heroes, at least from their images. Which leads us to suppose that It is better to continue slaughtering animals, even if it is in a hypothetical way, and badly that can disturb ecological gatherings, than to go ahead with the heroes..

In case what we have just indicated was not clear enough, we move on to the next example. There are still those who painstakingly hand out a 10 peso bill, with the portrait of Manuel Belgrano on its front. And we are talking about how difficult this is, because if not, if there is nothing, then there are very few things that can be bought with a ticket of this value. This means that for practical purposes, that ticket will soon cease to be of any value. ‘termination’ in their employment, which occurs due to inflation acting as a virtual ‘breaker’.

And surely until the moment inflation is stamped out, we will continue to see banknotes of higher value that are abolished or with their throats cut down one by one, as if those ducklings seen in the target shooting stand move linearly until they fall, one by one The other, by the shooter’s successful shots. as morals: In times like the ones we live in, there is a good chance that things that are done wrong will only get worse.

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