La Jornada – Controversy in Tepic over new animal welfare regulations

Tebeck, nope. Controversy, annoyance and contention, as it would harm the economic interests of corporations such as palenques, charrería, jaripeos and bullfights, has led to the publication of this capital’s new animal welfare regulation in the Official Gazette of the current Tepic City Hall, which is headed by Morenista Maria Geraldine Ponce Mendes.

The regulations, issued last Tuesday, after approval by the council, set out regulations for the protection, respect and care of animals living with families in this city.

repeals the previous regulation, which was never applied so as not to affect private and commercial economic interests; The said regulations were published on December 31, 2020 in the municipal administration headed by PRD member Francisco Javier Castellón Fonseca.

Of the 54 articles that compose it, Chapter III in its Fifth Section sets the grounds for: the prevention, eradication and punishment of acts of abuse, cruelty, suffering, and undignified and disrespectful treatment of animals, a mandate that directly affects those persons and organizations that have the profitability of any economic activity Related to the use of animals, specifically in cockfighting, bullfighting, Charreria, and jaripeos.

In the section on Prohibitions and Duties for Owners, Possessors, Guardians or Third Parties Who Handle Animals, the Regulation indicates, in Nos. 10 and 21 of Article 19, that it is strictly prohibited for owners, owners and persons responsible for their care or third parties who handle animals, the following …

10. Use of animals for magic, delusion, bullfighting, fights, or other performances involving cruelty, suffering, or undignified and disrespectful treatment of animals;

st. Use live animals to train other guards, hunt, race, attack animals or check their aggressiveness, as well as fight or showdown.

Specifically, these observations provoked discord and annoyance among those who are not only fond of “leisure” and fun activities such as cockfighting and bullfighting, but also those who engage in these businesses for income. economic, which, according to them, will affect many families in the capital Nayarit who live from work in these areas of the leisure economy with poultry and livestock.

In Article 53 of the aforementioned regulation of the municipality of Tepic in the letter, it is stated that a fine of fifty-one to two hundred times the value of the units of measurement and update is valid at the time of committing the violation or from 9 to 36 hours of arrest, for the person who violates Articles 3, 6, 8, 9 and 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21 and 23 of Article 19 of these Regulations.

Controversy arose between the municipal authority of Tepic and the businessmen and fans of the rooster, garribius, Charería and bullfighting after the legislature, headed by Leopoldo Dominguez González, uncle of the former governor in turn, in the former state administration, PAN member Antonio Echevarria Garcia (2017-2021) approved a decree In 2019, he was sent by his nephew, declaring cockfighting and bullfighting an intangible cultural heritage, thus protecting these lucrative activities, specifically from regulations prohibiting animal abuse in any of its forms.

The ex-president owns a bullring and a farm where the charrería is professionally and commercially practiced, both of which are the executive and legislative holders of Nayarit are from PAN and during his administration the charrería and bullfighting tournaments were, as he and his entire family were devoted to the so-called “national sport par excellence”.

The nation’s High Court of Justice has a protection case against the decree that declared cockfighting and bullfighting an intangible cultural heritage in Nayarit.

On May 25, the second chamber will decide on the bullfighting and rooster in Nayarit.

By decree submitted and approved by the executive and legislative branches, respectively, of both the PAN, the entity declared in 2019 both activities to be intangible cultural heritage. But a civil society objected to this, noting that the mistreatment and neglect of animals, in this case of bulls and roosters, could not be protected, and the case reached the Supreme Council of the Judiciary.

There is already a project in this regard by Minister Alberto Pérez Dayan, in which it is indicated that the death of bulls in a ring goes against official Mexican standards on how to slaughter cattle and other animals. The said rule prohibits causing or prolonging animal suffering… If the court votes for this bill, the Nayarit decree will be invalidated.

But the case goes further, as it could set a precedent that would ban bullfighting and cockfighting, as many sectors of society are demanding.

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