Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga: “The metaverse won’t be here in the short term: what worries me are Amazon and Facebook…”

league head, good javierYesterday, he downplayed the metaverse’s fashion and pointed to the real danger: Amazon, Facebook and the rest of the big tech companies.

“The metaverse is not new, it is not from now. Second Life, born between 2003 and 2004, was a metaverse. Then I had an office in Second Life [es abogado]. Pay money for it, with furniture and avatars. Then they became 160,000 users. Now they number a million or two. The latest version of Metaverse 3.0 is a bit automated. In the short term, it won’t be, I’m already saying that, although it’s ‘cool’ to talk about,’ he explained while speaking at a panel on ‘Digital Transformation in Sports’, at the ISDE Sports 2022 Conference, which was held in the Gardens Cecilia Rodriguez, in Retiro, Madrid.

“The things that really worry me are Amazon and Facebook…because they’re the ones who own all the data and create consumer behaviors that hurt businesses and the industry in general,” Tebas added.

Europe had no idea to create something similar. As long as we don’t face this situation, we will run into trouble because they are the ones who have the data for everything. We saw that clearly in LaLiga six years ago. Our digital transformation project was the result of a reflection we made. The National Basketball Association started a similar project two years ago.”

Tebas expressed himself in his direct and clear style. The metaverse, while very “cool”, has yet to arrive. It will take his time.

“And I say it clearly. Either the sports industries will create a digital platform or we will end up relying on Amazon, Facebook and all the others,” Tebas stressed.

According to the head of LaLiga, they have invested 240 million euros since 2014 in digitization: “At LaLiga we are 700 employees. 250 belong to the technology department, engineers and mathematicians. All of them are developing the industry. We work with a data platform in the cloud, which works using ” Business intelligence” and “machine learning”, allowing you to know the habits of users. Soccer match schedules are set using artificial intelligence, to analyze the data history, which tells you the best schedule.

Tebas noted that La Liga is one of Burger King’s “great hamburger sellers. It has received over 15,000 hamburger orders thanks to our digital strategy”.

On the other hand, he emphasized the importance of cryptocurrencies and the important role they will play. “They are here to stay. Some countries, such as El Salvador, allow transactions with cryptocurrency. We got a package for NFTs. We exchanged wagering winnings for tokens. We raised more than 90 million euros.

On the table, runs it Naomi Britto, of KPMG, also participated in Gonzalo Martín-Vila. CEO of IoT & Big Data Tech at Telefónica, who explained that there will be not one metaverse but many metavers; Rodrigo Miranda, ISDI general manager, who explained that the metaverse would be a reality: “But in order to run, you first have to learn to walk. We have to train more and with different abilities. Training is the key.”

Bol . CastleThe Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Sport revealed that the government wants to allocate €75 million – 25% of the 300 million of next-generation funds – to contribute to the digital transformation of sport. “What LaLiga did, we want to move it to other sports stadiums.”

Directive issued by violations

In another session entitled “Governance in Sports Entities: Compliance”, Edwin SanchezM., Compliance Area Manager at Mahou San Miguel, Chair of the Privacy Committee, Member of the Ethics Committee, and Member of the Sustainability Committee; Esperanza Bernal QuirosLaLiga, Director of Compliance and Internal Controls; s Jose Ramon Navarro President of the National Court. Supervised by Carlos Sukesfrom Prosetta.

Navarro explained that the major transformation that occurred in 2010, first by introducing, through the Penal Code, the liability of legal persons – corporations – and then in a subsequent reform of 2015, had its source in a report by Max Planck where it was found that 80% of crimes were committed In the field of legal persons.

The President of the Supreme National Court explicitly referred to the Independent Whistleblower Protection Authority considering the bill to transform the “whistleblowing” directive, and the reporting channel involved, to combat corruption.

For his part, Bernal Quiros revealed how LaLiga has adapted compliance and how it has in turn been applied to professional teams. He explained that “professional clubs must have compliance systems in place and operational from 2016-2017.” “In addition, they must also have an ethical code in place, a conditional clause.”

Mahou San Miguel Compliance Area Manager, Sanchez, confirmed that they care deeply about the brand’s image. Compliance is reputation, an invaluable asset. We can terminate the contract with any company if there are events that have a negative impact on our brand.”

yOzzie Ramon Navarro, President of the Supreme National Court; Esperanza Bernal-Quiros, Director of Compliance and Internal Controls, LaLiga; Carlos Suques of Prosetta, Moderator. and Edurne Sanchez, Compliance Area Manager at Mahou San Miguel.

Previously, Alberto Fortunof Quatrecas, administered the first schedule, approved as “The Leading Case for TAS 2022”, wherein its components, William Sternheimerfrom Morgan Sport, John God Crespofrom Ruiz Huerta & Crespo, Lucas Ferrerby Pintó Ruiz & del Valle and Jose Maria AlonsoThe dean of the Madrid Bar spoke about the repercussions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the world of sports.

William Sternheimer of Morgan Sport John God Crespo Pérez, CEO of RH & C Sports Lawyers, Alberto Fortun, of Cuatrecasas, Jose Maria Alonso, Dean of the Madrid Bar, and Lucas Ferrer, Partner of Pintó & Ruiz del Valle, discussed “the groundbreaking case for TAS 2020”.

Alberto Neighborsfrom the Sportium Foundation, Louis LerdySpanish Paralympic Committee, Jose Hidalgofrom Adesp, Louis Alexfrom Broseta, and Alexander Fernandez from miseryof the La Caixa Foundation, in “The New Levers in Sport”.

From left to right, Julien Lafuente, Director of Communications at the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, Manuel Socedo, CEO of the company that operates the WiZink Center in Madrid, Francisco Blasquez, President of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation, Beatriz Martinez Valero, Coordinator, Sofia Miranda Esteban, President of the District Sports delegate to the City Council of Madrid, and Ricardo Leiva, director of the Spanish Olympic Committee.

Beatrice Martinez ValeroDirector of the Legal Department and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Maho San Miguel, chaired the roundtable on “How to organize a major sporting event”, in which they participated Manolo SoseidoCEO of Impulsa Eventos e Instalaciones, SA that operates the Wizink Center in Madrid, Julian Fountain, For the Trinidad Alonso Foundation, Francisco Blazquezfrom the Royal Spanish Handball Federation, Ricardo Leivadirector of the Spanish Olympic Committee, and Sofia Miranda Estebanmember of the Council of the Municipal Group of Citizens, President of the Barajas District and President of the Delegated Sports District of the Madrid City Council.

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