“It always burns at the same distance”

  • Marta Garcia rings the bell at the 3000m and leaves Carolina Robles on the podium
  • 2022 Eugene World Athletics Championships Minimum

    Martha Garcia (Lyon, 1998) She hasn’t done anything but run since she was three, but she took her time to become a pro and reach the elite.. Born in Leon and raised in Valencia, it was in Valladolid, the city where she went to study medicine, where she found her way. With a very tight schedule between College Ramón y Cajal Avenue and the rapids of the Esgueva River, sharing a training group with international players such as Saúl Ordóñez, Lorena Martín, Nassim Hassaous or Nuria Lugueros, she has finally graduated and can think more about the sport.

    At 1500 meters (4: 08.43 personal best), 3000 meters (9:02.00), where she was last year’s champion of Spain at home and at the international level at the Euroindoor in Torun, 5000 meters (15: 31.50) and without neglecting the road (recent runner-up in Spain in the 10 thousandth race), This Saturday, Garcia appeared in 12.5 laps in the Diamond League in Birmingham, his first time among the best in the world.in a race (4:03 p.m., Movistar Deportes) with up to five athletes under 15 minutes perfect, a perfect chance to get the minimum for the Munich European Championships (3:25 p.m.).

    The middle-distance runner wears the On Running colors for the first time on stagebecause the Swiss brand chose it as He is an athlete based in Spain only for the European team that leads the brand, which owns Galician Carmela Cardama in the United States, as well as other stars of different disciplines such as Hellen Obiri, Xavier Thevenard or Javier Gómez Noya. At the presentation of the brand’s athletes at the Letzigrund stadium in Zurich, the spectacle of many dream sporting feats heard us.

    Runner’s World: Tell us how you got started in athletics.

    Marta Garcia: It started when I was three because my sister is seven years older than me and it started when she was ten. Because I wanted to be like her and do what I did, I started racing there against kids three or four years older than me and it seemed like I was really good at it, I even won. Since then I have not practiced other sports and did not stop, although I did not train when I was younger, I only went to competitions on the weekends, as there was always something near Palencia. It was in university when I put my actions together, changed my life and started training with Uriel’s group [Reguero] It was a step towards professional sports.

    Is that when you start training and not just running?

    I started when I was 15-16 with Mariano Diez Marco, a man I had previously found to be much older, about 70 and a bit tired and recommended me to Uriel’s set, because he knew Elias, his father. Mariano put me in training, but in those years at Valencia I was a little lonely. I arrived at the university in Valladolid and creating a training group was the next step to start training more seriously.

    Marta Garcia to run


    When does the slide change and you think you can become a professional?

    I used to say that was a couple of years ago, but it was more last summer, as a result of the Tokyo Olympics, when I said “Maybe I could have been there”. When I started competing and I thought “why not” I started thinking about my abilities.

    But before that, in February 2021, I was already the Spanish champion for 3000m on the indoor track. There do you think it is possible to go to Tokyo?

    No, I wasn’t thinking about Tokyo there, I didn’t feel able. It was summer when I thought of Tokyo and it was already too late. In the winter I was a champion for Spain, and saw that I was part of professional athletics, but internationally I still don’t think I can have that maturity to be in the big tournaments. Also, last season was so fast, I had exams and too many commitments with my league club didn’t allow me to look for fast races. I promised myself that I would finish the race first and then the rest.

    This winter you did not compete. At what stage are you now?

    I was injured, had some achilles problems which kept me out of work for a month, but since March I have fully recovered and am training normally. I hope to be able to do a summer season with no winter burning ships everywhere.

    And the eternal doubt 1500 or 5000 meters?

    I’m always the same, I want to try both, my heart is divided and I love both. It is good to do some “milky” against 5000 in the future. I like both, they are completely different and I also don’t like to run the same distance all year round, which sometimes burns my mind a little bit. I feel off-road, and I love to run the 800m, the 5,000m, and cross…give myself a touch of fresh air.

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    How do you define yourself as an athlete? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    I would define myself as an off-road player, I do really well on cross and track and love both systems and am also disciplined, strong, conscientious, super clear targets and chase them like hell. And in terms of weaknesses, maybe I can be more professional in my time off the field, with rest and food. I have many friends outside of athletics who take me… (doubt) Come on, my life isn’t a 24/7 sport. You also need those moments of hanging out with friends and having a party from time to time.

    What goals have you set for this summer?

    I want to repeat with the absolute Spanish team and set personal records in all I can be at the European Championships in Munich in August. After the injury, I don’t know if I’ll make it into May or June as I can, but in August I will definitely be at my best.

    What are your dreams as an athlete, what do you want to achieve after retirement?

    You have to be in the Olympics, and I hope I don’t retire without first getting into one. And if you are, then you should try to be as much as possible, and make the most of the opportunity. Realistic medals? In Europeans, podium access can be affordable when I can dedicate myself to it from now on, he wants to be with the global elite as much as possible, go to the Diamond League, to be among the best.

    “Training with Uriel Reguero was a leap to being a true athlete”

    You said you owe Uriel Reguero 50% of what you do as an athlete. Because it is important to you?

    That was a leap to be a real athlete, to really train and for me he is like my second father. It was great to have a training group of friends, and we have such a good feeling that you go like you’re out with your friends. I owe them everything, they help me go every day because when you see them, you have more desire to do things.

    How did you get signed to On Run until you became the only Spanish player on the European team?

    After the summer, they called me that way. On Instagram, I think. I asked Carmella [Cardama]Who’s on Team USA, if I tell them something about myself and no. They were simply looking for the right athletes for them, and I discussed it with my manager. “I don’t really know who these people are, but we will listen to them.” The project was very promising and they gave me the opportunity to devote yourself to it, because they were going to accompany me. Internationally, I will compete with Aon and in Spain with Bilbao Athletics.

    And the project has its own peculiarity in terms of other sponsorship, because you will be part of a European training group for the brand. How is that?

    Appointment of a coach [Thomas Dreissigacker], physiotherapist… It’s like professional teams in many sports. They want to do what they already have in the US elsewhere. His idea is to do a lot of “training camps” at high altitude, which is what I’ve always wanted to do, and couldn’t because of studies or a lack of funding from anyone. It’s a different project that’s going very well in the US with great results. This summer I will travel to St. Moritz (Switzerland) and in the winter they will go to South Africa and I will try to join as much as I can.

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    I understand that this is really a leap for athletics to occupy a priority place in your life.

    Yes, I am doing an internship at Rio Hortega Hospital until June, I will finish my undergraduate degree, I will do my TFG and although I don’t want to separate myself from medicine my life will be more focused on athletics. In these years I have prioritized exams over competitions, and henceforth it will be the other way around, although I will not separate myself 100% because I will prepare the MIR at my own pace and will look next year for what I will do. You can do it regardless of training.

    How have you settled it so far? How was your weekly routine?

    It has been difficult. I mainly trained and studied, but the sport made me stop studying all day and it worked for me. If I didn’t have a quiz, I wouldn’t go anywhere at the time of the exam. routine? I get up between 7 and 8 to start the practices, I spend the morning there and in the afternoon I have some time to study, prepare something for the practices or TFG. Training is usually from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays I try to give myself a few extra hours to sleep, even though I train in the morning. If there are weeks where I don’t have practices, I try to be more professional and dub, because the group does.

    “Sometimes I try to change the exam and they tell me it’s not my problem that you do sports”

    I complained last year that they took your residency grant in Castilla y León for not joining a community club, but FC Barcelona (now Bilbao Athletics). Did they give you any solution? What help are you currently receiving?

    Since they didn’t give me a scholarship, I already rented an apartment and stayed there and didn’t apply again, although our complaint was made because the board of directors responded and if you’re at a good level they understand that you thrive in a foreign club, something they don’t understand in Castilla Lyon. Last year I got a scholarship from the International Federation of Football Associations (RFEA) and the board got the scholarships for excellence, although it is related to results, in this case in 2020 with Covid there were no major competitions and I fell in the final of the Spanish championship, so I don’t receive it .

    How can the system be improved so that athletes can have more facilities, receive assistance, and combine sport and studies?

    Lots of things can be done. It would be nice if there were more utilities to make them compatible, because now they are completely separate. Universities rarely feel sorry for you. Several times I’ve received comments from teachers that “it’s not my problem if you play sports” when you want to change the exam. This depends on your criteria and nothing is stipulated. Once they were very nice and again they were all problems, it depends on the teacher.

    How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

    I hope to retire with my goals in athletics and actually work as a doctor and work on it, as I will be 34 years old.

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