Montserrat Moragriga: “It is possible to get out of a conflict relationship”

What began as a product of investigating the abuse, finding ways to recover, reconnecting with oneself, and learning to distinguish between what we want, what we imagine and what we receive, is now Series of books by Montserrat moragrega It has given us tools to restore dignity and gain the strength to change; It is a collection of scripts in which the latest Drama & Comedy: The End of a Relationship (2022) appeared just over a month ago.

Initially, the writer explains, “It was a trilogy that dealt with control, abuse, and dependence. At first it deals with how one person controls another in a relationship, then moves on to greater abuse, and later, who engages in that type of relationship: dependence. Common. It was to be one book, but I decided to separate them because both were important,” he shared in an interview with correspondent.

moving forward

In this sense, it is about complex situations that require a not simple understanding; In a similar fashion to alcoholism, “as a disease that needs to be recognized in order to begin recovery, is a bit like what I describe; I myself co-dependence and have studied a master’s degree in cognitive psychology, and I feel that I will get out of my problem by studying, and in this way I will understand it You will cure me.”

However, “I was also in an abusive relationship that I didn’t get out of, and I realized that studying doesn’t get us out of the problem, and we have to take the patient side. When one is actually undergoing treatment, what works well are combinations of self helpSharing their experiences and how they appeared with others helps us heal. That is why my books abound with examples, because it is the only way forward.”

We are not alone

As far as recognition is concerned, author details, “There comes a time when it is so painful that there is nothing left but to accept it; in groups this is called ‘play lower’. and the Accreditation It is such a pain that it causes many suicides. It’s an impressive pain, and I can assure you it’s so emotionally powerful that it’s hard to describe.

Thus, the purpose of addressing these issues, as Moragriga explains, is “to touch the heart knowing where it is and that there is a way out; that will be enough for me. It is something hopeful and, having lived it, it is entirely possible to change your life and look forward to a much better life.” I would recommend, to anyone who is interested in these books, to go later to a self-help group where experiences are exchanged and know that we are not alone.”

Possible and real solution

One of the first discoveries—founded by the author—when one has been in a group for so long, “is that everything comes from childhood, and that it comes from a lack of emotional education, a lack of contact with oneself, always looking outside and a lack of acknowledgment of our feelings to use them to our advantage. We grow up without This intercom, and if we do not approach it, most likely we will not find a real solution.

for example, The Accreditation – Warranties moragrega– “Try to find happiness in another person, but that person will never bring happiness. If one does not love or know oneself or work with oneself, it will be difficult to find the love or respect one seeks from others. You must love yourself in order to have a relationship. If one is dependent on others, he tends not only to blame the other for his unhappiness, but also to assume that he is a victim.

At peace with losses

As for the relationship to work, the writer points out, “You must, finally, be equal; he who is with one cannot be below or above the spouses. In society, we tend to give importance to things that, in fact, do not make the other person superior. We are all Equal. And getting out of a troubled relationship is possible.”

However, Moragriga adds, “It is clear that problems persist. In my opinion, human life is full of losses, and they all involve mourning. However, these losses can be lived in peace and in a more mature way. Dealing in the right way, with the right person, at the right time. And I think if you’re not healthy, there’s no way to get the right one. My advice is to seek help for yourself, first, and don’t worry about whether or not someone will come to us.

About the author

Completed a master’s degree in Sports and Coaching Psychology; and Diploma in “Addiction, Bulimia, Anorexia and Dependence” at ITESO. Specialize in recognizing feelings and emotional competencies. Inquiring about the issues regarding signs of personality control in some of his patients, he realized the lack of literature in Spanish on these issues and set about working towards an achievement that produced his first books obtainable through Amazon. (

Montserrat Moragrega books

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“Off, why doesn’t he love me?” (2018)
“Reliance on others, why doesn’t he love me?” (2018)
“Love You To Be Loved” (2020)
“Drama and Comedy: The End of a Relationship” (2022)


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