Hugging after sex, what are the health benefits?

Kisses, caresses and hugs after sex are everyday actions that depend on the needs or preferences of each person, Although these emotional signs are also linked to biological and hormonal factors; As noted by the experts they consulted CuídatePlus.

According to Sonia Garcia, psychologist and clinical sexologist, During sex, a hormonal revolution arises that has a direct effect in the moments after intercourse.Also, the fact that there is an emotional reaction after sex is a positive thing.

“If, after a sexual encounter, the spouses resort to kisses, hugs, caresses and/or pleasant conversations We find a greater sense of union, intimacy and connectionCaring, complicity, understanding, knowing that the other exists and that they care about us We care about beyond the purely sexual moment”, details this psychiatrist and continues: “If what we do after sex is pick up our mobile phone and see notifications or respond to a message instead of these practices, it feels cooler, impersonal and less appetizing.”

For her part, Lucia Vito Crespo, a psychologist at the Claritas Psychological Institute, asserts that after orgasm, all individuals perform a series of actions and situations called post-coital and It is of great importance from a psychological point of view.. “Some research has been done that has shown differences between men and women, and they point in part to These responses and attitudes are determined by the biological factors and hormones involved in this game. While men seem to have a greater need for rest and detachment, Women tend to be more united, connected, and intimatedVito explains.

For a psychologist from the Cláritas Psychological Institute, different emotional responses after sex have an impact on the level of relationships between spouses, and therefore, affect their emotional well-being. “It is important to keep in mind that It doesn’t always have to be this way, we don’t always have the same response after intercourse With the same partner, many factors intervene, but the biological response seems to lead us to have these differences,” Feito highlights. Indeed, in addition to the patterns suggested by scientific evidence, this expert insists that every person and every relationship is different: “For this reason, We must respect our individuality Nor do we force ourselves to do anything we do not feel or are not ready for.”

Hugs have health benefits

There is no doubt that affection after intercourse has an emotional impact, but do hugs, caresses and kisses after intercourse have health benefits? “There are studies that show the multiple health benefits of kisses, hugs and foreplay as a couple. For example, they can reduce anxiety, strengthen our cardiovascular and immune systems, rejuvenate the body, provide a state of happiness and reduce anger. All this can be transferred to sexual health and become very positive aspects of sexual activity, ”confirms Garcia.

Additionally, Clinical Sexologist notes that “Sexual practices beyond penetrationHugging as a couple can be considered another erotic practice and should not be relegated to an inferior level.”

At this point, Feito comments that emotional responses after sex are important The importance of the sense of touch when forming bonds, because physical contact favors and increases the satisfaction of sex and emotional bonds. “If we choose to have situations of closeness and connection after orgasm, we will improve and strengthen the relationship, and It can be a prelude to a new sexual relationship”, refers to this psychologist, although she clarified that it is not a direct rule, because other factors interfere, such as trust, safety or attachment.

Another advantage of hugs: they improve sexual satisfaction

With regard to sexual satisfaction, Both experts agree that emotional and physical approaches are positiveIncreased desire and sexual activity. In this regard, a study conducted by the University of Toronto revealed that showing affection improves the sex life and satisfaction of monogamous couples. “In consultation, sex therapy and couples, I can see what this study concluded, because People who share time and dedication after sex are usually more satisfied with the relationship And with sex as a couple, those who run off to do something else once they’re done pick up their cell phone and, in short, don’t share the post-sex moments,” Garcia says.

Regarding this research, Feito highlights that It is difficult to separate sex from the other components that make up a couple Such as passion, intimacy, communication, trust, or commitment. In this regard, this psychologist highlights the following example:

“If there is a couple Erectile dysfunction, which is a sexual problem, will affect the climate that occurs in the spouses when it appears. (stress, sadness, demand, managing expectations, frustration, etc.), and in communication ever since There may be a tendency not to talk about it, where everyone gives their own interpretation of what happened, a man can feel weak and not dare to show it (eg, I’m nervous, I feel like I won’t measure up, etc.), and a woman can explain that he is not attracted to her that much, she looks ugly , etc. It is not at all. But they both remain silent, withdraw, not speak, sleep without looking at each other, without caressing each other, immersed in their own experience and interpretation of what happened. This is why it is so important to have closeness and communicationBecause as a couple, it is impossible that what affects one area should not interfere with other important areas of the relationship.”

Hugs, does it strengthen the relationship?

On the other hand, emotional displays such as hugs are an element to reconfirm relationships and not just those of stable couples, But between these intermittent sexual partners. This is because a hug is an emotional show where there is greater emotional and physical exposure: “In sex, hugging enhances feelings of affection and affectionbut also has a positive effect on sexual desire, which increases it, because skin-to-skin contact can activate sexual desire,” explains Garcia.

In this sense, this expert asserts that when we embrace our partner and/or sexual partner Oxytocin, a hormone that has a lot to do with the emotional part, is released during said encounter. “Let’s also think of people who sleep embracing each other and making the famous spoon. They are pairs who probably feel closer than those who sleep on the edge of the bed without touching each other,” considers Garcia.

On the importance of the moments after sexual intercourse, Vito states that “this moment (immediately after sex) is the place where we must pay special attention, because Many pairs are tested, and one’s response can determine the other’s responseand thus determine the future of this relationship.

In his opinion, if we deal with hugs after sex, the sensation that a person receives is more powerful and emotional, which If we sleep or there is no physical contact, where the perception is greater than emptiness and insecurity. “These methods of communication not only make us feel more secure and satisfied, but also facilitate communication, creating a scenario in which communication and, above all, the expression of affection is much greater, and these facts take steps towards greater commitment,” concludes this expert.

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