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In any kind of interpersonal relationship, at some point, it is Capital It becomes a main topic. It’s not basic, essential, or exclusive, but it’s important.

This issue becomes more relevant when there is a file Marital relationship Or at least coexist.

Sometimes it is important for each couple to talk and come to certain agreements, from an economic point of view, so that it is financial goals individual and collective.

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Of course no one is immune from hard Employment status And in many cases, one party to the relationship ends up assuming the other and responding financially to it while the financial fluctuations are resolved.

But how much should a person help a couple if they have no money?

These experts say.

A financial plan, an answer to the question


Experts suggest that making a financial plan can be crucial when facing a difficult economic situation as a married couple.

To avoid getting to the point of deciding whether to help your partner financially or not, experts urge, in principle, to develop some kind of roadmap that will allow spouses to better cope with a difficult economic situation.

Speaking to this medium, Jhony García Tirado, an expert in financial education The author of “Financial Management” commented, “The spouses should determine their income, expenses, and needs. This will allow them to take control of their finances and, in this way, create a financial plan (otherwise known as cash flow) (…) when the spouses are clear about this plan financial decisions, they will stop rushing to make economic decisions.”

in this direction , Anna Margherita Romerothe economist and director of the Family Institute of the University of La Sabana, said: “Most of the problems that exist in marital relationships are deeply rooted in financial issues because, fundamentally, there is no agreement on goals or economic goals (…) Several studies speak of the importance of financial dialogue The good will be between spouses, as this will allow them to know how to act and what kind of financial decisions should be made to achieve the proposed goals in relation to this issue.

What if there is no plan?

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According to experts, if spouses do not have a financial plan, it will be difficult for them to cope with a negative economic situation.

For some experts, when couples don’t have a financial plan, they tend to have less margin for error, causing them to delay in responding and making decisions of all kinds that can exacerbate the problem.

When one of these paychecks is lost, it sometimes takes a long time to respond and take emergency action to meet the new economic reality. This leads them to quickly become indebted, or worse yet, to start buying with credit cards without knowing the interest rates.Romero male.

Tirado goes further and talks about the possible Separation subordinate couple relationship If the problem persists. The economic sphere is not alien to the personal sphere, given collective integration.

If it’s temporary, the damage to the relationship may be minimal because the couple can live on savings or some kind of debt, but when it lasts over time, the relationship is more likely to end.commented.

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if there was financial planThe problem can be handled better.

There can be “hope” when there is, for example rescue of money and even when there is a possibility of additional income as a result of investments made in the past. This also relates to the individual actions of the two people involved in the relationship: it may be healthy to enjoy your own stability before “embarking” on more serious group commitments.

“When spouses are working on a financial plan and directing their personal finances, there are savings and this can be the way to an investment that can generate income in the future that will make up for a difficult economic situation,” Tirado said. .

Complementing this idea, Romero states: “Ideally, spouses would also allocate a portion of their income to savings. There are some recommendations, such as budgeting and thinking about strategic decisions to meet this new financial reality“.

The two experts also point out that spouses should look for sources of income other than their own wagesAnd, in the event of a financial setback, try to determine how long they can withstand this situation if one of the parties’ income is not available. It is necessary to “adapt” to economic realities.

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For some experts, a financial education in a relationship can be guided by both personal and emotional aspects.

Diego GuevaraDoctor of Economics from the National University, raised a perspective that, in short, considers some of the complexities of financial education within the relationship, which, in principle, can be guided by personal aspects that go well beyond ‘network’ and financial thinking.

When someone develops romantic relationships with someone, market relationships often break off. This means that one will not lend to the bride with interest. This topic has to be seen outside the logic of the market (…) there are certainly limits, I think they really depend on each situation and the particular combinations of each relationship“, pointed out.

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