Neiva News: Ten wild animals returned to their natural habitat in Huila | Neva

In detailed work with the Green Molecule monitoring group, veterinary students of the University of Corhuila and the Autonomous Regional Institution of Alto Magdalena – CAM were released, a total of 10 wild animals in protected areas of the municipality of Riviera.

The samples released were: Kara Kara, a cozombo, a raccoon, a white owl, a long-eared owl, four korkoto owls and a hare.

The wild animals were transferred to the Center for Attention and Evaluation – CAV of the CAM in the municipality of Teruel, To begin the recovery and assessment process.

These samples entered the CAV, after the community reported them in danger or voluntarily handed them over, and then after showing positive reactions in their environmental and medical behavior, The decision has been made that they can recover explained Luisa Fernanda Jaramillo, CAM biologist.

The professional called the community to be aware of protect natural resources, The habitat of this species.

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