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Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets It wasn’t a complete disaster after all (although it could have been a box office disaster). The saga of Harry Potter has come to a glorious end with the second part of Deathly Hallowsin 2011, and since then they have been Eddie RedmayneAnd the Good LowAnd the Ezra Miller And the company that captured the youth Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the wizards of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With these three films adorable animals The status of the new Star Wars trilogy has been repeated a bit by hand JJ Abrams In cooperation with ryan johnson employment grandfather’s past.

Lots of changes on the field in so little time

The first installment of adorable animals (with logo “And where do you find them?‘) an interesting show with Newt Scamander as the central character, who was accompanied by other minor characters who ended up becoming vital hubs for the narrative as the films progressed. The original tape of this saga maintained a familiar and more magical tone, allowing the viewer to explore other layers of the world J.K. Rowling Before Harry Potter existed, using fantastic creatures as a common thread. employment Grindelwald crimesthe sequel, hit a weak curvature and the tone changed drastically.

the movie with Johnny Depp With a greater weight as a villain in the skins of Grindelwald himself, he bet more on darkness, on mystery, on leaving this magical background world aside and focusing on the character’s own arcs. We’ve seen a natural progression too Harry Potterbut in this case More movies wanted And the context in which the events took place was wider, so the viewer was in a better position.

fantasy animals

employment Dumbledore’s secrets An attempt was made to incorporate a little of what was seen in the first two parts The established tone broke again which made the films’ continuity a disaster in general. employment Harry Potter Let’s see that gradual path towards the dark and difficult times for the protagonists, until it culminates in an end where the light appears.

In this third piece, we have wonderful and unique animals that form the mainstays of the third chapter of the story and we have a criminal, now playing it Mads Mikkelsenwhose aim is to seize the presidency of the magical world to start a war with negative (You know, people who can’t use magic). But as strange as it may sound, it is a little strange to see these two ingredients in the same cocktail shaker, because the importance of the newt falls and The presence of Dumbledore and Grindelwald is so powerful that it takes the movie in other pathsPartially moving away from the outbreak of conflict and focusing on the close relationship between the two. This isn’t bad at all, but it certainly underestimates the rise to power that a criminal seeks to provoke one of the world’s worst atrocities.

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Dumbledore’s secrets Not a bad movie at allbut as long as it is handled in a somewhat independent manner and is not closely related to the skeleton adorable animals. If we treat this story as an episodic story in which the characters simply come and go according to the needs of the narrative engine, then we can say that even this third part is not bad. But unfortunately, the Harry Potter succession is a burden for better and for worse Rowling and Steve Kloves (screenwriter of the Potter saga except for phoenix arrangement) They gave a lot of toilets in this 3rd batch So that it is solid and corresponds to what has been seen in the past.

Delivery works very well.

In the end, Mads Mikkelsen replaces Johnny Depp is the least of it, because to tell the truth, he seems more comfortable with the role despite his progress at one point. It does not stand out as an opponent as in other projects such as Hannibal or Casino Royalewhere it was fine, but It realizes its explanatory power and conveys that required seriousness and cruelty with Grindelwald. There is no place here for Voldemort Ralph Fiennesso the protagonist banquet hall height He can bring out that peculiar charisma that he manages to convey with his expressions.

for this part, Eddie Redmayne is still exactly the same This is in the first rendition (still excited about the character and very attached to it) and the one that Jude Law managed to eat the screen in homage to him. Maybe it’s because he plays Dumbledore and we all know that’s synonymous with greatness, but Law makes sure they don’t miss out. Michael Gambon oa Richard Harris, because in his small version he manages to remain mysterious, wise and foreboding. And what is done with a character? Katherine Waterston (Tina) It’s better to leave it, because obviously no one who’s going to watch the movie will like it.

fantasy animals

It is increasingly difficult to see the author’s signature of David Yachtingwho signed many works in the saga of Harry Potter with great success but since he started working with him adorable animalsAnd the It feels like it’s on autopilot. Three films directed by the same director and each film has a different tone and a different goal, something that can only be imposed from the production.

It’s not bad, but it needs some tweaks

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets He tries to deal with what happened in the previous two films to focus instead on the Harry Potter show, Leaving unfinished plots, outstanding characters, and sequences that may be visually appealing but get nowhere And a very light-hearted presentation of Hogwarts, which of course is a precursor to what we’ll see in the future. But, of course, it is far from a Harry Potter-worthy product. Like we said, if it’s treated as a stand-alone business, it can work, but it’s too much behind on its back and not really knowing what to do with it or how to give it that focus to continue the story.

politics here It is served as a priority, but deep down it is a cold dish It is as tasteless as anything and does not receive the importance it should have, we repeat, considering the problem that Grindelwald puts on the table, which is to start a war against the non-magical world which would undoubtedly also be collateral damage to the magic universe in which the characters inhabit Main. adorable animals It takes more than good digital effects and amazing stick fights to bring to life like a phoenix. The movie falls beautifullyIt can even be seen on its own, but as a block or continuation, it adds more stones to the path.

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