Sports and Sustainability: The trend of “falling apart” in 6 beaches around the world

About five years ago, Swede Eric Ahlstrom had a simple but brilliant idea, when he completed his passion for exercising in natural environments by collecting trash. Thus, it has generated an eco-conscious system: pubertya word that arises from contraction sorry block (to pick up in Swedish) and trot (escape from In English). This curious, creative … Read more

Enjoy the best sports on Samsung TVs with New Win Sports – Samsung Newsroom Malaysia

Samsung Smart TV users will receive a free month of the app from November 5 to February 5, 2022 (If you want to know more about pricing and availability of the products listed below, go to: The advent of streaming apps has revolutionized the way we enjoy different content on our Smart TVs, and … Read more

How to play and how much does racquetball cost, the fashionable sport in the epidemic

In the absence of sports such as football or basketball, racquet tennis has been promoted as the discipline par excellence in times of Covid-19, filling more than 200 stadiums across Chile and also in the world, adding more and more followers looking for physical activity Entertaining, agile and above all within reach. Shifting people’s lifestyles … Read more

Discover the most relevant upcoming sports of 2022

2022 He brings with him a lot sports activity and talk about it The most relevant tournaments and competitions Next year we spoke with Paul Benitez, Athletic Sports Coordinator From the Tec Campus Ciudad Obregón. distance year 2021 where some of Sporting events had to be suspended Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming 2022 … Read more

Carles Murillo (master): “European money should go to the sport where there is a return”

Sports with economic returns, with pre-pandemic benefits and future prospects. These are the three criteria on which Carles Murillo relies, The president of the Spanish Society for Sports Economics (SED), will distribute European funds in this sector. Murillo has been the President of Seed since 2017 and just a month ago he was re-elected to … Read more

The death of Manolo Santana, the great pioneer in tennis and Spanish sports

Manolo Santanathe great pioneer spanish sports No. 1 in the world Tennis in 1965 and Wimbledon champion 1966, died in 83 years old or old Parkinson’s disease has taken him away. The malaise, after finishing eating, was fatal. In his legacy remains the building it is today Tennis is practically Spanish sports. Before Santana, sport, … Read more