Body language expert reveals six signs you are dating a narcissist

A body language expert has revealed the top six signs you are dating a narcissist – and it has nothing to do with how often they gaze at their reflection in the mirror. Speaking to FEMAIL Dr Louise Mahler while selfie culture and being obsessed with one’s appearance may appear narcissistic it’s actually nothing to … Read more

The Unfiltered, Real Truth About Being In An Open Marriage

Open marriage is becoming more common. A 2017 Kinsey Institute research poll, for example, estimated that 20-25 percent of Americans have engaged in some form of consensual non-monogamy (CNM) — the proper term for agreed-upon open marriage — at one time or another. That number is likely to increase, as evidence shows that people under … Read more

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Swear By a Unique Parenting Choice – SheKnows

When it comes to privacy at home, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are all about an open door policy. Literally. Kunis, who is mom to 7-year-old Wyatt and 5-year-old Dimitri, recently told E! News that everybody keeps doors open in the household — including the bathroom. “It’s just one of those where, for better or … Read more

How To Know If Your Love Is Doomed — Or If It’s Just A Stage In Your Relationship | Orna & Matthew Walters

Ever had a relationship that started out great with a lot of romance and excitement? You felt loved, accepted, and seen by your partner. And then a few weeks in, everything changed. Suddenly, your partner is critical of you, and it feels like you can’t do anything right. Or the two of you can’t seem … Read more

5 questions to ask yourself before entering an open relationship

If you’re using dating apps, you’ve probably come across a few profiles that say “ENM,” indicating the person is looking for ethical non-monogamy. This could mean a few things, says Avital Isaacs, a therapist at Manhattan Alternative Wellness Collective, a mental health practice that serves queer and trans people, non-monogamous people, and sex workers. “Non-monogamy … Read more

Woman’s living arrangement includes surprise roommate

Dear Abby: I was in a relationship that ended abruptly because he cheated. We didn’t have kids, so I moved in with my parents until I was able to get back on my feet and eventually moved out. Because I couldn’t afford a place on my own, I asked several friends about rooming together, including … Read more

A day in the life of a stay-at-home girlfriend: ‘I get to do whatever I want’

You may have heard of a stay-at-home wife, but a new trend on social media is the title of stay-at-home girlfriend. Women have been giving followers a glimpse into their lives as stay-at-home girlfriends, which include spa days, lunch dates, workouts and shopping trips. South African influencer Zoe, who goes by @trullyzoe online, has amassed … Read more

How To Flirt With A Guy So He Can’t Get You Off His Mind | Celeste Seiferling

Wondering how to flirt with a guy so that he can’t get you off his mind? Even with the best flirting tips, attracting a guy can be nerve-wracking. Picture this: you are out having drinks with a friend, and you smile at a beautiful person on the sidewalk through the window. They smile back. And, … Read more