Relationship expert describes four signs that you’ll stay with your partner

[ad_1] A clinical psychologist has revealed the four signs a relationship is going to last, saying that arguing is OK providing couples “fight fair”. Dr Kathy Nickerson, who has 22 years of experience in the field, said indicators that a relationship is strong include it “feeling easy”, genuinely caring about your partner’s happiness, and being … Read more

Dear Annie: Is my fiance flirting with my friend’s younger sister, or not?

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The #1 Sign Of A Very Bad Relationship | Dr. Randi Gunther

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Teen Backed for Refusing to Give Stepbrother Her Late Mom’s Ring to Propose

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9 more ways to show your friends you love them, recommended by NPR listeners : NPR

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Man’s Girlfriend Will Only Marry Him If They Used A Sperm Donor To Have Children

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4 Ways to mend a Taurus’s broken heart after a breakup

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5 Things you need to know about Capricorn zodiac sign before dating them

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12 Signs He Doesn’t Love You, He Just Loves Fixing You

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