Why in the coming years will we end up eating insects in Spain | Climate and environment

Insects will arrive at your table sooner than you think. It’s unlikely that we in Spain will be cooking dishes with crickets, grasshoppers or worms soon, but products derived from them – such as flour and energy bars – are already beginning to sell, driven by their high protein content and very productive. sustainable product. … Read more

Budding: what is it and examples

Life always finds a way to win. An example of this is the huge variety of reproductive processes that organisms have been able to develop in order to perpetuate their species. There are reproductive processes in which the participation of spouses is not required. Organisms that reproduce asexually have the ability to generate offspring without … Read more

Ivan Lozano: The Animal Husbandry Scientist Who Broke the Poisonous Frog Movement | What moves… | future planet

It all started at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia. In 1998, Ivan Lozano (Bogotá, 49 years old) Received a call from the police To go “urgently” to the collection center for the confiscated animals – rescued from human traffickers -: they kept two suspicious boxes bound for Europe. Inside it, there are about … Read more

7 animals that have become extinct in the past 20 years due to human action

Related news The sixth extinction is In progress. It is an idea that many scholars have championed. “The dramatic increases in the rates of species extinction and decreases in the abundance of many animals and plants are well documented, although some deny that these phenomena amount to mass extinction,” as explained to Science Daily Robert … Read more

Wild animal victims of human viruses

Humans can exchange diseases with animals more frequently than previously thought. A new study shows that how pathogens spread in both directions and at scale must be monitored to more accurately assess risks, as is the case with SARS-CoV-2. Scientists from Georgetown University (USA) conducted a study published in environmental science messagesExplains how humans can … Read more

The Couple Who Digitized The Livestock Trade Through “Souq”

Luis Miguel Seles and Juliana Amrad are two of the founders of SEV Mercado Ganadero. Photo: Livestock Market SEV “Edwin, I have some Colombians who, in the midst of the pandemic, have created a platform that allows ranchers to buy and sell their animals in real time, 7 days a week, from their convenient farms, … Read more


They are marine invertebrates, mostly benthic (sea-floor), and are widely distributed in the oceans. About 7,000 species have been recorded alive, and 13,000 have become extinct. The most famous organisms in this phylum (Echinodermata) are sea urchins, starfish, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, brittle stars, and sea lilies. Echinoderm means “spinal skin”, but it should be … Read more

The Mayan Journey – Starfish, the beauty of the ocean is in danger

Quintana Roo > Ecology Anna Ramirez 03/24/2022 | Cancun Quintana Roo Noun: Asterias Robbins Characteristic: It has five peaks and usually clusters in deep areas. Defense: Their calcified skin protects them from most predators. food: Mollusks, corals and dead animals in general measuring: Radius about 20 cm The main predator: Humans Starfish have become a … Read more